How to Get a Library Account

  • Come to the library, either in the Pentagon (across the Corridor 8 Bridge), or in the Mark Center (Rm B1-D13).
  • Present your building badge.
  • Complete our short registration form.
  • Listen patiently to our spiel about the amazing benefits of the card, and how to access our licensed content.

For more information, visit our About Us page.

How To Reach Us

Visit Us:

  • The Pentagon
  • Pentagon Library and Conference Center (PLC2), across the Corridor 8 Bridge
  • Phone: 703-695-1992
  • Office Hours: M-F, 0730 - 1600
  • Closed weekends and federal holidays
  • Mark Center
  • Room B1-D13
  • Phone: 571-372-3613
  • Office Hours: M-F, 0800 - 1530
  • Closed weekends and federal holidays

What We Do

We save you time:

  • Expert research staff with professional degrees and years of experience.
  • RSS feeds and subject-specific/trend alerts right to your inbox.
  • Customized training and information consultations.

We save you money:

  • Reduce the direct cost of acquiring and delivering information.
  • Reduce duplicate subscriptions through enterprise resource sharing; check with us before paying for information resources.

We vet information for you:

  • Resource Validation
  • Copyright Compliance
  • Decrease information overload

What We Have

Scope of our content:

  • Government
  • Current and Historical News
  • Political Science
  • Business/Industry
  • Military History
  • Technology
  • International Affairs
  • Leadership/Management


  • Military documents
  • Law and legislative histories
  • Professional Reading Lists

Popular Resources:

  • Ebooks
  • Electronic Journals and Newspapers
  • Online Language Instruction

For a complete list of resources, visit the Pentagon Library Intranet.