Presidential Letter of Appreciation


A Presidential Letter of Appreciation (PLOA), or retirement letter, is a standard letter of appreciation prepared by the White House and signed by the President of the United States. The letter recognizes a military or civilian retiree with 30 or more years of creditable service for retired pay. This award may be given to civilians, Service members that served in multiple branches or those who served in both military and civilian positions.

Each Military Department requests PLOA's through their respective White House Liaison Officer (WHLO) and provides the information necessary to complete the letter.

DoD Components - Civilians

Department of Defense (DoD) Components shall request PLOA's through their respective awards representative. The PLOA template provided in the left margin of this page is the form needed for processing all DoD request. Requests shall be routed through the Executive Secretary of the DoD. Submit all DoD request through CMD, room 3C843 in the Pentagon or fax to 703-695-1219 for processing.

PLOA's should be requested 90 days in advance of actual retirement date or retirement ceremony (whichever comes first).

Department of the Army - Military and Civilians

For information and form to request a PLOA for a Department of the Army retiree, please email the Army White House Liaison Office.

Department of the Navy


For information and form to request a PLOA for a Department of the Navy civilian retiree, please visit their website by clicking here.


Information concerning PLOA's for Department of the Navy military personnel can be found by clicking here and following the link for "LOA (Presidents)."

Department of the Air Force - Military and Civilians

All Air Force personnel should refer to AFI 36-3203, Service Retirements, chapter 6, located on the Air Force e-Publishing website, to request a PLOA. Please do not send requests directly to the White House. Send all questions to the Air Force White House Liaison Office.