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4 - Staffing and Preparing Action Packages

  • Task vs Package
  • Types of Action Packages
  • Information Requests
  • Action Package Process
  • OSD templates
  • Internal Coordination
  • External Coordination
  • Coordination Correspondence
  • Preparing a Response to a Task
  • Tracking Tasks
  • Explain the difference between a task and a package
  • Identify the various types of packages
  • Identify the policies and procedures for managing information requests, such as Congressionals, FOIAs, Security Reviews, and GAOs
  • Describe the steps used to process an action package
  • Identify the templates and documents used for packages
  • Analyze an Action Memo responding to a task
  • Describe the coordination process
  • Explain the need for internal and external coordination
  • Describe the components of a completed action package
  • Explain the need to track actions to completion

5 - Correspondence and Task Management System (CATMS)

  • Understanding what's changed
  • Features of CATMS
  • Accessing Accounts
  • Tasking in CATMS
  • Describe the functions of CATMS
  • Initiate an action in CATMS
  • Assigning Actions and a Task

6 - Developing and Delivering Briefings

  • Decision and Information Briefs
  • Effective Briefs
  • Presentation Skills
  • Describe the different types of briefs
  • Summarize the characteristics of effective briefs
  • Analyze strategies for enhancing presentation skills

Course Schedule

Classes are generally taught monthly and fill up several weeks before the start date. Upcoming OSD Action Officer Course dates (Login to iCompass LMS to check availability):

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OSD employees with access to the iCompass Learning Management system, can register at https://whsportal.osd.mil/lms. Type "OSD Action Officer" in the search box located in the top right hand corner to register.

If you are not an OSD employee or do not have access to iCompass, please email the instructor for registration requirements at Michael.a.anderson419.ctr@mail.mil.