Executive Support Branch

Provides a variety of executive support services to the immediate offices of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense and the DoD Executive Secretary.

Records & Logistics Branch

The Records and Logistics Branch (RLB) is responsible for the orderly and systematic control, digitization and safeguarding of paper and digital copies of official correspondence for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense, and DoD Executive Secretariat, including the preparation and maintenance of the official digital correspondence library (Chronicle of Tenure).

Correspondence Analysis Branch

The Correspondence Analysis Branch (CAB) controls, tasks and distributes incoming correspondence from DoD, the White House, Congress, outside agencies, foreign governments and others.

Classified Support Branch

The Classified Support Branch (CSB) mission is to provide the Office of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense with classified correspondence and document services to include processing and tasking of sensitive compartmented information items, NATO and ACCM items.

Defense Post Office

The Defense Post Office (DPO) is designated as the official delivery and pick-up point for official mail within the Pentagon. The DPO currently supports the Pentagon and its tenant activities by providing for the receipt, distribution and dispatch of all mail and packages delivered by the USPS.

Contact Information


CMD Direct


  • Classified Support: (703) 697-6131
  • Correspondence: (703) 695-3133
  • Defense Post Office: (703) 695-3565
  • Executive Support: (703) 693-7965
  • Records: (703) 697-9285

Mailing Address

  • Washington Headquarters Services
  • Executive Services Directorate
  • 1155 Defense Pentagon
  • Washington, DC 20301-1155