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Since 5/1/2016, the following 30 updates have been made on the DoD Issuances website:

DoD Directives

DoD Instructions


Directive-Type Memorandums

Administrative Instructions

- none -


Cancelled DoD Directives

  • DoD Directive 5145.5, 22-Apr-1996 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Canceled By DODI 5145.05, 27-May-2016
  • DoD Directive 1225.07, 06-Jun-2001 Reserve Component Facilities Programs and Unit Stationing, Canceled By DoDI 1225.08, 10-May-2016

Cancelled DoD Instructions

  • DoD Instruction 5525.03, 30-Mar-2006 Criminal Jurisdiction of Service Courts of Friendly Foreign Forces and Sending States in the United States, Canceled By DODI 5525.03, 23-May-2016
  • DoD Instruction 1225.8, 06-Sep-2001 Programs and Procedures for Reserve Component Facilities and Unit Stationing, Canceled By DoDI 1225.08, 10-May-2016
  • DoD Instruction 1400.25-V2011, 14-Aug-2009 DCPMS: DCIPS Performance management, Canceled By DODI 1400.25-V2011, 07-May-2016

Cancelled Publications

  • DoD 5220.22-M Sup 1, 01-Feb-1995 National Industrial Security Program: Operating Manual Supplement, Canceled By DoD 5220.22-M Change 2, 18-May-2016

Cancelled Directive-Type Memorandums

  • DTM 16-002, 05-Feb-2016 DoD-Wide Changes to Maternity Leave, Canceled By DoDI 1327.06, 19-May-2016
  • DTM 14-005, 22-Apr-2014 DoD Identity Management Capability Enterprise Services Application (IMESA) Access to FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Files, Canceled By DODI 5525.19, 04-May-2016

Cancelled Administrative Instructions

- none -

Cancelled Memorandums

- none -

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