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Since 11/8/2016, the following 26 updates have been made on the DoD Issuances website:

DoD Directives

DoD Instructions


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Directive-Type Memorandums

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Administrative Instructions

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Cancelled DoD Directives

  • DoD Directive 6055.9E, 19-Aug-2005 Explosives Safety Management and the DoD Explosives Safety Board, Canceled By DODD 6055.09E, 18-Nov-2016
  • DoD Directive 5210.56, 01-Apr-2011 Carrying of Firearms and the Use of Force by DoD Personnel Engaged in Security, Law and Order, or Counterintelligence Activities, Canceled By DODD 5210.56, 18-Nov-2016

Cancelled DoD Instructions

  • DoD Instruction 4151.21, 25-Apr-2007 Public-Private Partnerships for Depot-Level Maintenance, Canceled By DODI 4151.21, 21-Nov-2016
  • DoD Instruction 5230.27, 06-Oct-1987 Presentation of DoD-Related Scientific and Technical Papers at Meetings, Canceled By DODI 5230.27, 18-Nov-2016
  • DoD Instruction 1400.25 Vol. 541, 01-Dec-1996 DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Pay Pursuant to Title 38--Special Rules for Nurses Pursuant to the Baylor Plan, Canceled By DODI 1400.25-V541, 17-Nov-2016
  • DoD Instruction 2000.16, 02-Oct-2006 DoD Antiterrorism (AT) Standards, Canceled By DODI O-2000.16 VOL. 1, 17-Nov-2016

Cancelled Publications

- none -

Cancelled Directive-Type Memorandums

  • DTM 15-003, 26-Mar-2015 Registered Sex Offender (RSO) Identification, Notification, and Monitoring in DoD, Canceled By DODI 5525.20, 14-Nov-2016

Cancelled Administrative Instructions

- none -

Cancelled Memorandums

  • MEMO USD(I), 20-Aug-2004 Realignment of Analytic Responsibilities Within Defense Intelligence, Canceled By DODI 3115.17, 16-Nov-2016
  • MEMO USD(I), 21-May-2005 Realignment of Analytic Responsibilities Within Defense Intelligence, Canceled By DODI 3115.17, 16-Nov-2016
  • MEMO USD(I), 31-Oct-2007 Management and Oversight of the Defense Intelligence Analytic Community, Canceled By DODI 3115.17, 16-Nov-2016
  • MEMO OSD071695-15, 03-Jun-2015 Charter for the Strategic Capabilities Office, Canceled By DODD 5105.86, 14-Nov-2016 Declassified in accordance with Executive Order 13526 on: September 28, 2016 by the Deputy Secretary of Defense

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