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DoD Issuance Updates

Since 5/23/2017, the following 32 updates have been made on the DoD Issuances website:

DoD Directives

DoD Instructions


Directive-Type Memorandums

Administrative Instructions

- none -


Cancelled DoD Directives

- none -

Cancelled DoD Instructions

  • DoD Instruction 5035.05, 21-Feb-2008 DoD Combined Federal Campaign - Overseas (CFC-O), Canceled By DoDI 5035.01, 06-Jun-2017
  • DoD Instruction 5035.01, 31-Jan-2008 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Fund-Raising Within the Department of Defense, Canceled By DoDI 5035.01, 06-Jun-2017

Cancelled Publications

  • DoD 4715.6-R1, 01-Jan-2005 Regulations on Vessels Owned or Operated by the Department of Defense, Canceled By DoDM 4715.06, Vol. 1, 06-Jun-2017

Cancelled Directive-Type Memorandums

  • DTM 13-005, 25-Apr-2013 Deviations from the DoD Physical Security Program, Canceled By EXPIRED, 06-Jun-2017

Cancelled Administrative Instructions

- none -

Cancelled Memorandums

- none -

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