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Since 10/26/2015, the following 33 updates have been made on the DoD Issuances website:

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Cancelled DoD Directives

  • DoD Directive 8320.03, 23-Mar-2007 Unique Identification (UID) Standards for a Net-Centric Department of Defense, Canceled By DODI 8320.03, 04-Nov-2015
  • DoD Directive 1300.22E, 25-May-2011 MORTUARY AFFAIRS POLICY, Canceled By DODD 1300.22, 30-Oct-2015
  • DoD Directive 5105.77, 21-May-2008 NATIONAL GUARD BUREAU (NGB), Canceled By DODD 5105.77, 30-Oct-2015
  • DoD Directive 1315.07, 12-Jan-2005 Military Personnel Assignments, Canceled By DoDI 1315.18, 28-Oct-2015
  • DoD Directive 5101.10, 27-Sep-2004 DoD Executive Agent (DoD EA) for Subsistence, Canceled By DoDD 5101.10E, 26-Oct-2015

Cancelled DoD Instructions

  • DoD Instruction 5305.5, 14-Jun-1999 SPACE MANAGMENT PROCEDURES, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION, Canceled By DoDI 5305.05, 04-Nov-2015
  • DoD Instruction 1315.18, 12-Jan-2005 Procedures for Military Personnel Assignments, Canceled By DODI 1315.18, 28-Oct-2015

Cancelled Publications

- none -

Cancelled Directive-Type Memorandums

  • DTM 12-001, 08-Mar-2012 Department of Defense Executive Agent (DoD EA) for the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System (AFMES) and the National Museum of Health and Medicine (NMHM), Canceled By ASD(HA) MEMO, 17-Nov-2015

Cancelled Administrative Instructions

  • Administrative Instruction 17, 06-Nov-2007 CIVILIAN EMPLOYEE ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION, TESTING, AND CONTROL PROGRAM, Canceled By AI 17, 23-Nov-2015

Cancelled Memorandums

  • MEMO ASD(RA), 16-Oct-1995 Military Responsibilities for Support to the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) and the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Medical Officers (CIOMR), Canceled By DODI 1215.22, 12-Nov-2015

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