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Since 3/31/2016, the following 31 updates have been made on the DoD Issuances website:

DoD Directives

DoD Instructions


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Directive-Type Memorandums

Administrative Instructions

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Cancelled DoD Directives

  • DoD Directive 5154.25E, 01-Sep-2011 DoD Medical Examination Review Board, Canceled By WHS Form 2, 29-Apr-2016
  • DoD Directive 6000.17E, 02-Jan-2013 Executive Agent (EA) for the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE), Canceled By WHS FORM 2, 25-Apr-2016
  • DoD Directive 6010.22, 21-Jan-2033 NATIONAL DISASTER MEDICAL SYSTEM (NDMS), Canceled By DODI 6010.22, 14-Apr-2016
  • DoD Directive 1300.7, 08-Dec-2000 Training and Education to Support the Code of Conduct (CoC), Canceled By DODI O-3002.05, 12-Apr-2016

Cancelled DoD Instructions

  • DoD Instruction 1300.21, 08-Jan-2001 Code of Conduct (CoC) Training and Education, Canceled By DODI O-3002.05, 12-Apr-2016
  • DoD Instruction 1300.23, 20-Aug-2003 Isolated Personnel Training for DoD Civilians and Contractors, Canceled By DODI O-3002.05, 12-Apr-2016
  • DoD Instruction 2000.21, 10-Mar-2006 Foreign Consequence Management (FCM), Canceled By DODI 2000.21, 05-Apr-2016
  • DoD Instruction 5240.04, 02-Feb-2009 Counterintelligence Investigations, Canceled By DODI 5240.04, 01-Apr-2016

Cancelled Publications

  • SPM N/A, 16-Oct-2015 Clearinghouse Board of Directors Memorandum, Mitigation Oversight Committee Duties, Canceled By DODI 4180.02, 31-Mar-2016

Cancelled Directive-Type Memorandums

  • DTM 14-006, 07-Jul-2014 Separation History and Physical Examination (SHPE), Canceled By DODI 6040.46, 14-Apr-2016

Cancelled Administrative Instructions

- none -

Cancelled Memorandums

  • MEMO N/A, 03-Oct-2012 Charter of the Department of Defense Siting Clearinghouse Board of Directors, Canceled By DODI 4180.02, 31-Mar-2016
  • MEMO USD(AT&L), 18-Oct-2012 Delegation of Authority to Sign Agreements Accepting Voluntary Contributions and Agreeing to Mitigation Measures, Canceled By DODI 4180.02, 31-Mar-2016

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