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This class explains how to move issuances through the DoD issuance process and is available to all DoD personnel who are involved in the processing of an issuance, or expect to begin processing an issuance in the near future. The class takes place at the Mark Center Conference Center and is offered periodically.


This class is open to OSD action officers who write DoD issuances. Attendees will learn about the issuance types; their different sections; how each issuance type must be structured and what information appears where; how to organize their material; and the fundamentals of plain writing. Space is limited to 20 participants.

  • Writing DoD Issuances Training: How to Write a DoD Issuance

For DCMO and WHS Personnel

A DCMO/AI Workshop follows each DoD Issuance Training Class. To attend the workshop, when you register for the DoD Issuances Training Class, indicate in your email that you wish to register for the DCMO Workshop as well.

If you have a question that is not covered here, contact the DoD Issuance Training Inbox.

Badge Information

Attendees must have a DoD PMP CAC card or a DoD access badge to enter the Mark Center. Attendees without a DoD PMP CAC card will need to go through the Visitor's Center (VCC) to obtain a Visitor's Badge prior to class.

Mark Center Information and Directions


Training modules for all stages are available now!


New to OSD or WHS? WHS Human Resources Division offers the following courses for new OSD and WHS Action Officers.

To register for these courses, visit the iCompass Learning Management System (requires CAC).

Entry Level OSD (Employees Only)

The OSD Orientation course is designed to help new OSD employees gather enough data to hit the ground running within the first few days of employment. This one-day interactive course is designed to help facilitate networking among your peers. Pertinent topics include: OSD Organizational Overview, Employee Roles & Responsibilities, OSD Security Requirements, and Pentagon Navigation.

Entry Level OSD Action Officer (Employees Only)

The OSD Action Officer course is designed to familiarize new OSD Action Officers of their roles and responsibilities within OSD. Pertinent topics include: Preparing & Staffing OSD Action Packages, Effective Writing, and Developing, and Delivering Briefings.

Entry Level DCMO/WHS Action Officer (Employees Only)

The WHS Action Officer course is designed to assist Action Officers with becoming acquainted with specific WHS procedures. The focus of this two-day interactive course is on handling correspondence within WHS. Pertinent topics include, WHS organizational structure, Writing for WHS, and SACCP.