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DoD Issuance Process: Online Training Modules

Stage 1: Development

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1A: Draft the Issuance (script)
1B: Coordinate Internally (script)

Stage 2: Precoordination

2A: Precoordination Edit (script)
2B: Precoordination Revision (script)
2C: Legal Objection Review (script)
2D: SD Form 106 Signature (script)

STAGE 3: Formal Coordination

3A: Coordinate via Portal (script)
3B: Coordination Revision (script)

Stage 4: Presignature

4A: Presignature Edit (script)
4B: Presignature Revision (script)
4C: Legal Sufficiency Review (script)
4D: Security Review (script)

STAGE 5: Approval and Publication

5A: Approval (script)
5B: Publication (script)

2015 Issuance Template Training Modules

2015 Issuance Template Training (script)

DD 818 Training Module

DD 818 Training (script)