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Title 32-National Defense

Subtitle A—Department of Defense

Chapter VII—Department of the Air Force

Subchapter A—Administration

Part Table of Contents Headings
800-805 [Reserved]
806 806.1 to 806.31 Air Force Freedom of Information Act Program
806B 806b.1 to 806b.54 Privacy Act Program
807 807.1 to 807.6 Sale to the Public
809A 809a.0 to 809a.11 Installation Entry Policy, Civil Distrubance Intervention and Disaster Assistance

Subchapter B—SaleS and Services

811 811.1 to 811.8 Release, Dissemination, and Sale of Visual Information Materials
813 813.1 to 813.7 Visual Information Documentation Program

Subchapter C—Public Relations—[Reserved]

Subchapter D—Claims and Litigation

842 842.0 to 842.150 Administrative Claims
845 845.1 to 845.11 Counsel Fees and Other Expenses in Foreign Tribunals

Subchapter E—Security—[Reserved]

Subchapter F—Aircraft

855 855.1 to 855.23 Civil Aircraft Use of United States Air Force Airfields
861 861.1 to 861.7 Department of Defense Commercial Air Transportation Quality and Safety Review Program

Subchapter G—Organization and Mission—General

865 865.0 to 865.126 Personnel Review Boards

Subchapter H—[Reserved]

Subchapter I—Military Personnel

881 881.1 to 881.9 Determination of Active Military Service and Discharge for Civilian or Contractual Groups
884 884.0 to 884.18 Delivery of Personnel to United States Civilian Authorities for Trial
887 887.0 to 887.9 Issuing of Certificates in Lieu of Lost or Destroyed Certificates of Separation
888-888 [Reserved]

Subchapter J—Civilian Personnel—[Reserved]

Subchapter K—Military Training and Schools

901 901.0 to 901.28 Appointment to the United States Air Force Academy
903 903.1 to 903.10 Air Force Academy Preparatory School

SubchapterS L-M—[Reserved]

Subchapter N—TERRITORIAL and INSULAR Regulations

935 935.1 to 935.165 Wake Island Code

Subchapter O—Special Investigation—[Reserved]

SubchapterS P-S—[Reserved]

Subchapter T—Environmental Protection

989 989.1 to 989.38 Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP)

Subtitle B—Other Regulations Relating to National Defense