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Information Collection Request Time Line

The total PRA process takes approximately 6-9 months from beginning to end.  Sponsoring OPDIVs should start Information Collection Requests (ICRs) approximately 9 months in advance so they have time to properly complete the ICR.  If you believe your ICR may be a controversial collection with significant and/or negative impact/implications to a particular audience, you may want to start early so you can address any public comments and/or OMB concerns and have the ICR approved in a timely manner.

  1. 60-day Federal Register Notice. Federal Register Notice (FRN) #1 published – allows 60 day for public comments  (one week for publication)  (60-Days)
    If any public comments are received, they need to be responded to and the response along with the comments are included with the ICR..
  2. PRA review. The DoD Clearance Officer reviews the ICR and works closely with the program analysts to make necessary changes and revisions to finalize the ICR for final submission to OMB. (Length of review varies depending on the type of ICR)
  3. 30-day Federal Register Notice. Federal Register Notice (FRN) #2 published – allows 30 days for public comments. The 30-day FRN must be published before the ICR can be submitted to OMB.  (Add one week for publication)  (See #5)
  4. DoD Clearance Officer submits the ICR to OMB (1-10 business days)
  5. 60-day OMB review period. The total OMB review period of 60 days includes the 30-day public comment period described in bullet #3 and OMB’s formal 30-day review period. OMB’s formal 30-day review period does not begin until the 30-day public comment period has lapsed. 
    If any public comments were received, they need to be responded to. The response to comments will be sent directly to OMB.
  6. OMB Action. At the end of the 60-day OMB review period OMB can approve, disapprove, or request that an ICR be withdrawn.  There may or may not be terms of clearance for an approved ICR.