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  • WHS Form 2s now automatically generate a second page if needed. Templates for ODCMO use on our website have been updated; specific instructions are provided separately.
  • The DD Form 106 has been updated to add the Director, Strategic Capabilities Office in accordance with the publication of DoDD 5105.86.
  • For help working with the signed DD Form 818, see DD 818 Signature Tips.
  • The DD Form 818-1 is on the DoD Forms Website. Use the 818-1 to consolidate and resolve your formal coordination comments.
  • Processing and timeline changes in the August 1 reissuance of DoDI 5025.01 affect your Component. Here is the summary of the changes.
  • The Issuance Template Training module is now available. Download the Template Training script.
  • Are you making a second, third, or fifteenth change to your issuance? How to get it ready by "clearing" previous changes can be found here.
  • Any administrative instruction signed by the Director, WHS, must cite both DoDD 5110.04 and DoDI 5025.01 as authority in the purpose statement.
  • Be sure to use the correct OSD Component PSA title in your issuance per NDAA 2015 changes. Continue to cite the current charter as authority.
  • Do you need to recoordinate your issuance? See the flowchart to decide.
  • Help on how to turn off autoformatting and create multi-page tables is available in the Issuance Toolbox. Go to FAQs in Forms, Templates, and Resources.