Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The DoD Forms Program continues enhancement of Adobe Acrobat forms to include making public-use DD Forms IT accessible and DoD Public Key Infrastructure signature handler capability developed specifically for Acrobat forms.

01. What file format is used for the forms on this website, and how can I view or download the forms available on this site?

02. What software do I need to view/fill out these forms?

03.What are Adobe Reader Extensions, and kind of capabilities do they add to Adobe Acrobat Forms?

04. What Software do I need to use forms with Reader Extensions?

05. Are Adobe Reader Extensions available for all Department of Defense Forms available in PDF forms?

06. If I have questions or issues with my copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader™, does Adobe have a Frequently Asked Questions web site?

07. How Do I Upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat?

08. How do I use the 'search' feature to find forms on this website?

09. What if I have difficulty viewing or using a PDF form?

10. How do I suggest a change in a form?

11. If the OMB number associated with a DD or SD Form has expired, does that mean that the form is considered to be expired as well?

12. What happens if I navigate to a form that is active (current), but there is no PDF hyperlink available for me to download the form?