• Can I get a word version of an issuance? Only the PDF's that are currently on the site are available.

  • What are the differences between each of the DoD Issuances?
    A quick reference is DoD Issuances Defined: .
    The official source for issuance definitions is DoDI 5025.01, "DoD Issuances Program" located here: The Glossary section defines issuance types.

  • Can I view an issuance while it is in draft stage? Issuances can only be viewed after they have been published and are available to the public on the website.

  • Can I have physical copies of a current issuance mailed to me? DoD Directives and other issuances are no longer printed and mailed. The issuances found on the DoD Issuance Website can be downloaded digitally and printed by the user.

  • What does the "E" stand for at the end of some issuances?
    The "E" indicates that this issuance establishes a DoD Executive Agent.

  • Why are some directives shown with a single digit after the period - without the "0" in front of it, e.g., 5000.1 - and some are shown with a leading "0" after the period, e.g., 5000.01? Our editors began adding the "0" in 2005 for consistency. Some issuances used ".1" and some used ".01". The issuances are supposed to use a 2-digit extension; the single digits should be "0#."  As the older issuances using the single digit are reissued, the number is corrected.

  • Is there an instruction on numbering of directives and instructions to indicate overall subject matter? i.e.-- engineering or contracting or logisitcs would be assigned in a series like 5000.01 for acquisition? Here is information about the DoD Issuance Numbering System.

  • Is there a SIPRnet version of this website? The SIPR equivalent of this website can be found at

  • Can I sign up for other mailing lists through your website (ie Navy, Army, Air Force, etc.)? No. You can only sign up for notifications that specifically involve DoD issuances.

  • Which abbreviation of Department of Defense is correct: "DoD" or "DOD"? Please refer to the DoDM 5110.4-M, "DoD Manual for Written Material".

  • Do you carry Joint Staff or other U.S. Military service publications (i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force)? Please refer to our list of other agency weblinks.

  • Where is the DoD Financial Management Regulation 7000.14-R (FMR)?
    The FMR is not hosted on the DoD Issuance Website, but you can find the FMR here DoD Financial Management Regulation 7000.14-R.

How can I look up current or cancelled issuances? Try using our current issuance search function or searching our cancelled issuance database. A guide to searching for DoD issuances is on our homepage.

Can I get a copy of a cancelled issuance? If it has been cancelled, it is no longer available.

How do I subscribe / unsubscribe from the weekly issuance updates?
Go to the "What's New" page, scroll to the bottom and follow the instructions.

Where can I get information, obtain copies or ask questions about forms? Please see our list of form related websites. Form related questions should be directed to the Forms Webmaster.

Why do issuances with changes have red ink? Is there a final version with changes incorporated? The version currently online is the final version. As of 6/15/2012, new DoD issuances with changes will no longer be highlighted in red. Copies of the changes can be requested from DoD Directives.

Why do some DoD issuances contain red digits? Items in red are changes and/or updates.

Can I download Memorandums? This website only carries Directive-Type Memorandums. We do not provide Secretary of Defense Memorandums, Joint Staff Memorandums, or Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandums.

How can you tell if a publication has been certified as still current? Please refer to the DoD Instruction 5025.01 "DoD Issuances Program".

OPR - OFFICE OF PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY Can you answer questions concerning the content of a DoD Issuance? No, the Directives Division is not the subject matter expert on the issuances posted to the DoD Issuances Website. Please contact the office of primary responsibility that is listed in the column titled "OPR".