June 2014: An updated version of the SD Form 106 is now available. Issuances that are in precoordination or legal objectionable review must use the new version. If your SD 106 has already been sent for signature, conversion isn't required

DoD Issuances Defined Guide to Using Word Features in DoD Issuances
DoD Issuance Numbering System Writing Style Guide and Preferred Usage
DoD Manual for Written Material: Correspondence Management DoD Manual for Written Material: Examples and Reference Material
DoD Dictionary of Military Terms: JP 1-02 Common Mistakes
Special Considerations Checklist DoDI 5230.29, "Security and Policy Review of DoD Information for Public Release"
SecDef Message (Determining Releasability), "Information Security/Website Alert" Reference Guide to the Mark Center Conference Center
• The office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense requires that reissued directives include a summary of the changes made. The DoD directive action memo and processing procedures have been updated and a sample is available: Directives_Reissuance_Samples Refreshing Coordinations Flowchart

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Timelines for coordination and completion of DoD issuances