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If you have questions relating to the operation of this website, please contact the website administrator.

Questions about DoD Issuances

DoD Issuance Process

If you have questions concerning the DoD issuance process, please proceed to processing DoD issuances.

ODCMO Process

If you are in ODCMO and have questions regarding processing DoD issuances please proceed to the processing ODCMO issuances (including AIs) webpage.

DoD Issuance Training

If you have questions about training or training class dates, proceed to the online training or training class webpages.

See the miscellaneous question section or the FAQ webpage for more information. If your questions were not answered by the information provided, please send an email to the website administrator.

DoD Forms

Where can I get information, obtain copies or ask questions about DoD forms? Please see our list of form related websites. Form related questions should be directed to the Forms Webmaster.


Can I download Memorandums? This website only carries Directive-Type Memorandums. We do not provide Secretary of Defense Memorandums, Joint Staff Memorandums, or Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandums.

Cancelled or Missing DoD Issuances

How can I look up current or cancelled issuances? Try using our current issuance search function or searching our cancelled issuance database. A guide to searching for DoD issuances is on our homepage.

OPR - Office of Primary Responsibility

Can you answer questions concerning the content of a DoD Issuance? No, the Directives Division is not the subject matter expert on the issuances posted to the DoD Issuances Website. Please contact the office of primary responsibility that is listed in the column titled "OPR". The OPR column is located on each issuance webpage (ex: DoD Directives, Each issuance type can be accessed from the top navigation. Look for the column titled "Contact OPR for Questions".

(updated 12/29/2016)


Weekly Issuance Updates

How do I subscribe / unsubscribe from the weekly issuance updates? Go to the "What's New" page, scroll to the bottom and follow the instructions.

Issuance Changes

Why do issuances with changes have red ink? Is there a final version with changes incorporated? The version currently online is the final version.

Why do some DoD issuances contain red digits? Items in red are changes and/or updates.

Plain Language

If you have questions about Plain Language or the Plain Writing Act of 2010, proceed to the Official DoD Plain Language website.

Navy Publications

If you have questions about Navy publications, proceed to the Navy publications website.

Army Publications

If you have questions about Army publications, proceed to the Army publications website.

Air Force Publications

If you have questions about Air Force publications, proceed to the Air Force publications website.

CJCS Publications

If you have questions about CJCS publications, proceed to the Information Management Division website.

Retirement, Separation, General Military, or Government Personnel Questions

Please contact your service or component human resources command. Do not send any personally identifiable information (such as social security number) to our inbox.