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    Fax the request for your free "Performance Assessment Guide" to Jack Denslow, Program Director, DoD Office of the Comptroller, fax 703-491-4911 --

    Overview - DoD Performance Assesment Guide

    The DoD Performance Assessment Guide is a PC software program designed to help managers assess and improve organizational performance. The DoD Comptroller's Directorate for Performance Measures and Results is developing this decision support tool with the help from over 1,000 government and industry organizations.

    The modular design of the Guide provides maximum flexibility by providing the right tools for the right needs. The PC software's seamless interface allows easy access to three modules:

    The Quality and Productivity Self-Assessment Guide for Defense Organizations is a stand-alone package--printed copy or automated option -- which includes questions about performance improvement topics. Immediate confidential scoring and evaluation are provided to respondents and wok groups, along with prescriptive ideas and sources on how to improve. The Guide identifies the existing organizational culture and management style; helps target processes for change; and establishes a baseline for judging progress over time. Scores can be compared across an extensive database of government and industry participants - 1,900 organizations and 200,000 participants. The Guide's diagnostic and educational design include measurement scores and indicators that link to specific ideas and recommendations for improving future scores.

    Future Enhancements

    The Guide for Setting Customer Service Standards is a PC software program designed to help managers establish a baseline and track what customers think about the services and products they receive. Questions that make up the sample are questions about key service indicators currently in use by government and industry. The Guide can be used alone or in combination with any of the other modules. The decision support tool allows managers to:

    The Guide for Developing Performance Measures is an automated tool that links performance measures to specific business areas. This module provides a capability for managers to select or develop their own performance measures, collect data to establish a baseline and track progress, display and print graphs, and receive printouts of performance measurement results. The Guide allows managers to:

    After performance measures are selected, the user may designate or assign appropriate units of measures, reporting frequencies, performance goals, and statistics for computing control limits.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    List of Participating Organizations and Points of Contact

    The following organizations have offered to provide peer level interaction with other organizations considering performance assessment using DoD tools.


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