The presentation formats described in this section provide both the analyst and the CAIG a standard framework for displaying, documenting, and reviewing O&S estimates. Although the formats establish uniform procedures for presenting costs, they should not preclude good judgment in providing additional cost information that may be pertinent to the program being evaluated. Furthermore, depending on the reference system used, the number of alternatives considered, and the purpose of the review, not all of the formats may be applicable. The analyst must select and/or modify those formats that are most appropriate for presenting the estimate results.


    The formats provided at the end of this section (Exhibits 6-1 through 6-6) are designed to assist the analyst in presenting and documenting the results of O&S estimates. Although Exhibits 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3 are recommended for use in the O&S briefings for DAB reviews, the actual exhibits used should be discussed with the CAIG representative at the pre-CAIG planning meetings. The other formats may be used as necessary to provide further documentation of the results of an estimate. The formats cover four types of presentations:

    Cost presentations for the CAIG should be developed in accordance with DoDD 5000.4. Exhibits 6-1 through 6-6 show the recommended formats and information requirements for each. The generic O&S cost element structure (Appendix B) is used in exhibits for illustrative purposes only. The CES for the weapons category in question (Appendices C through G) should be substituted in the materials presented to the CAIG. All costs should be expressed in constant dollars of the present fiscal year unless otherwise specified.

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