DTIC Operating Status

Open Status Image Status: Open
Last Updated:  Tuesday, 04/24/2018

DTIC offices at the McNamara Complex are OPEN.

All DTIC systems are operational.

For queries, contact dtic.belvoir.us.mbx.reference@mail.mil.
Employees are expected to report to their worksites or begin telework on time. Normal operating procedures are in effect. Employees account for their hours of work by WATS:
The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) sets the overall policy for federal agencies in the Washington area, and Fort Belvoir responds with specific guidance for the HQC and all Fort Belvoir tenants, within those established guidelines.

Employees should first check the Federal Closure Announcements on the OPM website http://www.opm.gov/status/ during emergency situations, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, and other incidents causing disruptions of Government operations.(i.e. If the Federal Government is closed, DTIC is closed)

For local delays and closures we follow Ft. Belvoir/DLA Headquarters Complex Operating (HQC) Status and guidance. Check the DLA HQC Operating Status for any additional delays or closures: http://www.dla.mil/ and http://www.belvoir.army.mil/BelvoirOperatingStatus.asp

The DLA HQC Operating Status can also be obtained at 4:45 a.m. daily on DLA's public Web site http://www.dla.mil/ by clicking on the link in the upper left of the page or by calling the DLA HQC Operating Status telephone number at 703-767-6300. A recording will provide the same information as is available on the DLA Web site.

Employees with questions about their duty status should contact their supervisor.