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12 - 15 March 2012






  • Mr. Edward Greer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Developmental Test and Evaluation, Director, Test Resource Management Center

SESSION B: Service OTAs Roundtable: T&E of Interoperability and Systems-of-Systems Test Design and Execution



Maj Gen David Eichhorn, USAF, Commander, Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center

13978 - TEST AS WE FIGHT, Mr. Dennis P. O'Donoghue, Vice President, Test & Evaluation, The Boeing Company

SESSION D: Improvement in T&E Instrutmentation

  • 13924 - ARDS POD Service Life Extension: Sustainment of A Critical Test Resource, Mr. Wayne T. Hostilo, USAF 46th Test Wing
  • 13927 — ASE Test Equipment Development Requirements for T&E, Mr. Jason Grimes, U.S.Army, 160th SOAR(A)
  • 13993 — Untethered Test Capability Improving Airborne Test Efficiency, Ms. Bethany Ward, Jacobs Technology, 46th Test Wing
  • 13694 — Validating The Calibration Of A Hardware-In-The-Loop Facility Using Dynamic And Monte Carlo Techniques, Mr. Chester F. Boncek, Jr., Raytheon
  • 13950 — Towed Airborne Plume simulator: A Test Asset For Open Air Testing Of Aircraft Infrared Countermeasure Systems In Realistic Operational Environments, Mr. Rick Taylor, SAIC

SESSION E: Improving the Requirements Review Process

  • 13742 — DOT&E Initiatives From The Middle, Mr. Darren Jolley, U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground
  • 13686 — Soldier-Centered Analysis From Requirements To Test & Evaluation, Ms. Diane K. Mitchell, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
  • 13867 — Perspectives on the Economics of Requirements Optimization, Mr. Pete DuPré, Borland/ Micro Focus
  • 13678 — Requirements Verification Tracking Best Practice, Mr. Robert S. Hunter, Alliant Techsystems
  • 13933 — Tactics For Integration of T&E In Early Requirements Development, Mr. Joe Manas, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 13941 — Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Automotive Requirements Development, Dr. Gregory Schultz, U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center

SESSION F: T&E Within the Agile Acquisition Framework

  • System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER) Program, Mr. Gary Carter, Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology
  • 13956 — Agile Development and Assessment Practices: Examples From Joint Command and Control, Mr. Brian Eleazer, ATISCRA
  • 13801 — Joint Interoperability Test Certification: Evolving the Net Ready- Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP) and Provisioning Infrastructure to Support Department of Defense Agile Acquisition Reform, Ms. Danielle Mackenzie, Joint Interoperability TestCommand

SESSION G: Test & Evaluation of Autonomous Systems

SESSION H: Getting the Most Bang for the Buck Utilizing Design of Experiments (DoE)

  • 13959 — Efficient Test Design Using Both Design Of Experiments Methods An Modeling & Simulation, Dr. Thomas A. Donnelly,SAS Institute, Inc.
  • 13958 — Test Optimization Utilizing Design Of Experiments, Ms. Tonja Rogers, Raytheon Company
  • 13714 — Merging Operational Realism With DOE Methods In Operational Testing, Ms. Nancy H. Dunn, U.S. Army Evaluation Center

SESSION I: T&E In a Joint/Coalition Environment

  • 13856 — The Test And Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) - Enabling Interoperability Among Ranges, Facilites, An Simulations, Mr. Gene Hudgins, TENA / JMETC
  • 13947 — Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC): Improving Distributed Test Capatilities, Mr. Chip Ferguson, Joint Mission Environment Test Capability
  • 13802 — Coalition Interopeability Assurance & Validation And Coalition Test & Evaluation Environment: A Model For Coalition Interoperability In A Realistic Operational Environment, Mr. Jeff Phipps, Joint Interoperability Test Command




SESSION J: Test & Evaluation’s Role in System Requirements

T&E Executive Panel: The Proper Role of T&E and the Testing Community in Defense Systems Requirements
PANEL CHAIR: Dr. Catherine Warner, Science Advisor, DOT&E, OSD

SESSION K: Enchancing Test & Evaluation Productivity
PANEL CHAIR: Mr. Wink Yelverton, SURVICE Engineering

SESSION L: Systems Engineering’s Impact on Test & Evaluation

DT&E and Systems Engineering Panel: Changing the DNA of Test & Evaluation

  • Dr. Paul H. Deitz, Ph.D., US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
  • Mr. Steve Scukanec, Senior Engineer, Northrop Grumman Aerospace and Dr. Beth Wilson, Principal Engineering Fellow, Raytheon

Application Of The Missions And Means Framework (MMF) To Combat System Requirements, Development, And Refinement, Dr. Paul Deitz, U.S. Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity

SESSION M: The Role of Systems Engineering in the T&E Process

  • 13932 — Systems Engineering For Test: Providing The Right Testing At The Right Time, Mrs. Louisa J. Guise,Raytheon
  • 13954 — Using Model-Based Systems Engineering To Improve Requirements Communication Amd Shared Understanding, Mr. Tim Tritsch, Dynamics Research Corporation

SESSION N: Science- Based Testing: the Impact on T&E

  • 13755 — Developing Science-Based Testing: Characterizing The Physical Environment With Enough Detail To Support Test Procedures, Dr. Eric V. McDonald, Desert Research Institute
  • 13917 — Practical Aspects For Designing Statitically Optimal Experiments, Mr. Mark J. Anderson, Stat-Ease, Inc.

SESSION O: Systems Integration & Systems of Systems

  • 13953 — The Role Of Systems Integration In Effective Test & Evaluation, Mr. Robert Koczat, The Spectrum Group
  • 13696 — Best Practices Model For Test And Evaluation Of Systems Of Systems, Dr. Beth Wilson, Raytheon

SESSION P: Improving the T&E Process

  • 13942 — The Value Of The Test Architect, Mr. James A. Brewer Jr., Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 13920 — U.S. ARMY Test And Evaluation Command Process For the Identification Of T&E Program Efficiences, Mr. Charles Mellina , U.S. Army Test & Evaluation Command

SESSION Q: Achieving Realistic Operational Testing

  • 13843 — Evaluating The "Prevention Of Fatality" Force Protection Requirement, Mr. Raffaele Croce, Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity
  • 13914 — Assessment Of Large Engine Vulnerabiltiy To MANPADS, Mr. Gregory J. Czarnecki, USAF 46th Test Group, WPAFB
  • 13940 — Effect Of Various Preparation Methods On Live-Fire Fuel Characteristics, Mr. Andrew Drysdale, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

SESSION R: Improving Systems Reliability and Lowering Life Cycle Costs

  • 13836 — Identifying Reliability, Availability And Maintainability Requirements For Network-Centric Systems, Dr. Jeanne Hartzell, Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity
  • 13739 — Optimizing Test Confidence Base On Life-Cycle Cost, Mr. Scott Bindel, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command 13957 — Setting Programs Up For Reliability Evaluation Success: A Systems Engineering Approach, Mr. Grant R. Schmieder, High Performance Technologies Group, DRC Company
  • 13931 — Latest Reliability Growth Policies, Practices, And Theories For Improved Execution, Mr. Louis J. Gullo, Raytheon

SESSION S: Improvements in the Information Technology Component of T&E

  • Suggestions For Improving IT & Business System Testing, Dr. Eric Loeb, Special Assistant Director, Operational Test & Evaluation
  • 13682 — DOD Enterprise T&E Network: DISN Test And Evaluation Network, Mr. Tracey Bisbee, DISA




SESSION U: Improving Test & Evaluation

  • 13892 — NDIA Industrial Committee On Test And Evaluation (ICOTE) Progress Report, Mr. Tom Wissink, ICOTE Chair, NDIA; Director of Integration, T&E, Lockheed Martin
  • 13684 — The Science of Test At The U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, Mr. Christoper J. Johnson, U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground

Panel: Physics-Based Modeling & Simulation in Support of T&E Requirement

PANEL CHAIR: Dr. Douglass Post, Chief Scientist, High Performance Computing Modernization Program


SESSION V: Conference Synopsis Forum

  • 13944 — Continuous Metrics For Efficient And Effective Testing, Dr. Laura Freeman, Institute for Defense Analyses

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