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2012 Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference and Exhibition

"What Will It Take To Achieve The Vision?: Requirements, Technology, Acquisition, ROI"

21 - 23 March 2012

San Diego, CA

Conference Brochure

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Point/Counter-Point Panel: Focused Technology
"Which Will Best Serve: Interface Control Standards or Open Systems?"

Keynote Speaker:

Point/Counter-Point Panel: Balanced Requirements
"Requirements Pull or 'Technology/Capability Push' Based Acquisition - Can Our Requirements be What We are Capable of?"
Moderator: Mr. Thomas Gonzalez, Vice President, Corporate Development, Stratom, Inc.

JGRE Update


Friday, March 23, 2012


Keynote Speaker:

Streamlined Acquisition
"Test and Evaluation of Autonomous Ground Robots"
Topic Introduction:

Point/Counter-Point Panel: Streamlined Acquisition
"Do We Optimize for Technology Insertion or Logistics Efficiency?"

Warfighter/User Panel