22ND Annual SO/LIC Symposium & Exhibition

"Defense, Diplomacy, and Development: Translating Policy into Operational Capability"

8 - 9 February 2011

Washington, DC



    "Redefining Intelligence Support in a Resource Constrained Environment", Capt Carrick Longley, USMC
    "Foundations and Adaption: Transforming Policy into Operational Capability for Army Special Operations Forces", MAJ Ben Taylor, USA



KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Defense, Diplomacy, Development, and Special Operations Forces

PANEL 1: Training and Employing SOF in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development Operations: Lessons from the Field

    Col Daniel Masur, USMC, G-3, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command
    COL Joe Osborne, USA, Director, Irregular Warfare Directorate, U.S. Special Operations Command, Central
    CAPT Bill Wilson, USN, Commander, Naval Special Warfare Center
    COL Fitz Fitzpatrick, USA, U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Joint, Interagency, and Multi-National Integration of SOF for Defense, Diplomacy, and Development

    BG Simon Hutchinson, GBR Army, Deputy Commander, NATO Special Operations Forces Headquarters (PowerPoint, paper)

PANEL 2: Interagency Integration of SOF for Defense, Diplomacy, and Development: Lessons from the Field

    Mr. Robert Cassilly, Senior Iraq Training Coordinator, U.S. Department of State
    Special Agent Richard Dobrich, Section Chief, Drug Enforcement Administration Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Team (DEA FAST)
    Mr. Bill Flavin, Directing Professor Doctrine, Concepts, Education Training, U.S. Army Peacekeeping Stability Operations Institute, U.S. Army War College
    Mr. Bernard V. Moore, II, Chief, USSOCOM Special Operations Support Teams, National Capitol Region, U.S. Special Operations Command, Crystal City



PANEL 3: SOF Roles in Information Operations in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development

    Dr. Daniel Kuehl, Director, Information Operations Concentration, iCollege, National Defense University

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: DoD Initiatives for SOF in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development Operations

    Dr. Janine Davidson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Plans, OUSD (Policy)-OSD, U.S. Department of Defense

PANEL 4: Adapting SOF for Defense, Diplomacy, and Development Operations

    Ms. Sherri Goodman, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel, Center for Naval Analyses
    BG Christopher K. Haas, USA, Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command, Africa
    COL Chris Miller, USA, Director, Special Operations & Irregular Warfare, OASD for Special Operations & Combating Terrorism