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48th Annual Targets, UAVS & Range Operations Symposium & Exhibition

“Moving Forward: Next Generation Targets and Ranges”

New Orleans, LA

19 – 21 October 2010


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Keynote Address

·       Maj Gen James A. Whitmore, USAF, Director of Intelligence, Operations and Nuclear Integration, HQ Air Education and Training Command, Randolph AFB



·       Sustainability Challenges of the “GREEN RANGE”, Mr. Anthony (Tony) Parisi, Head, NAVAIR Ranges  Sustainability Office

·       Range Sustainment and Modernization to Meet Customer Needs, Mr. Robert Arnold, Senior Executive Service 3, AFMC, 46th Test Wing, Eglin AFB

·       Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program (CTEIP) , Mr. Gerald Christeson, Deputy, ATL Defense Test Resource Management Center, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Wright Patterson AFB

·       Combat Hammer,  Lt Col Michael Neeman, USAF, Commander, 86th FWS

·       21st Century Target Control System, Mr. Steve Gonzales, Team Leader, Target Control Systems Development, Systems Engineering Directorate, White Sands Missile Range

·       Testing the Test Range: No Flights Required, Mr. Steve Williams, Business Area Manager, Signal Instrumentation, RT Logic, Inc.

·       Holographic Radar: A Universal Solution for High Clutter Environments, Collision Avoidance, Wind Farms and Scoring, Mr. Gary Kemp, Programme Director, Missile Scoring, Cambridge Consultants - England

·       Moving Forward: Responding to the Fast Attack Threat , Mr. Jeffrey Blume, Head, Seaborne Targets IPT, Threat/ Target Systems Department, NAWCWD, Point Mugu

·       Directed Energy T&E at NAVAIR Weapons Division, Mr. Brian Krinsley, Chief Engineer, Sea Range, NAWCWD, Point Mugu

·       Office of the Secretary of Defense: Operational Test Assessment of Current Target Capability, Mr. Dennis Mischel, DOT&E, OSD




·       Multi Stage Supersonic Target, Mr. Michael Stuart, Director, Missiles Int’l Programs, ATK - Advanced Weapons Division

·       Target Transformation, Mr. Thomas Dowd, Director, Threat/Target Systems Department (Air 5.3), NAWCWD, Point Mugu

·       Hugh Harris Scholarship Update and Willis Howard Award Presentation, Mr. Cort Proctor, Consultant, Micro Systems, Inc.

·       Miniature Air Launched Decoy (MALD),  Mr. Jerry Rutt, Director, Advanced Strike Systems, Raytheon


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Thursday, October 21, 2010




·       QF-16 Program, Mr. Robert Insinna, QF-16 Program Manager, Boeing

·       Target Management Initiative: Status Update, Mr. James Maybury, Senior Programmer, Applied Resources, Inc.

·       F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Maj Michael Ebner, USAF, 58th FS, Eglin AFB

·       MQM-171 BroadSword in Support of Test Missions, Mr. Larry French, CEO/CTO, Griffon Aerospace

·       Information Assurance: Impacts on Army Target Programs, Mr. Barry Hatchet, Lead Project Director, Targets Management Office, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville

·       Common Range Integrated Instrumentation System (CRIIS) Update, Mr. Alan Massing, Systems Development Lead, CRIIS Program Office, Eglin AFB

·       Hammerhead Attack Boat Swarm: A World First in Naval Target Technology, Mr. Spencer Fraser, President and General Manager, Meggitt Training Systems, Inc. - Canada



·       U.S. Air Force, Ms. Holly Reedy, Full-Scale Aerial Target IPT Lead, Eglin AFB

·       U.S. Army,  Mr. Alvin Brown, Director, Targets Management Office, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville

·       U.S. Navy, CAPT Daniel McNamara, USN, Program Manager, Aerial Target and Decoy Systems, PMA-208, Patuxent River

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