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NSWC Crane

Crane, IN

August 9-12, 2010



Conference Slide

Presenter Biographies

PEO Land Mine Warfare                Windows Media Video


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Guest Speaker: State of Indiana Governor’s Office

·       Mr. Chad Pittman


Guest Speaker:

·       Mr. Greg Knapp (SES), Executive Director of the Joint Training Directorate and Joint Warfighting Center (J7/JWFC)


Guest Speaker:  “Intelligence Tools for Irregular Warfare: Spiral Analysis and Counter-Threat Finance”

·       Mr. Randy Weaver, CTC Senior Director, Intelligence Analysis Programs


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Joint Irregular Warfare Capability Gaps, Major General David A. Morris, USA, USJFCOM Joint Irregular Warfare Center (JIWC) Director


Guest Speaker: Special Mission Science and Technology

·       CAPT William Shepherd, USN (Ret.), USSOCOM Director of Science and Technology


Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) – Complex Center of Operations (CCO)

·       Brigadier General Omer C. Tooley, USA


Special Operations ISR Capabilities

·       CAPT Gregory Kniff, USN, USSOCOM  J33 Joint Reconnaissance


Navy’s Vision for Confronting Irregular Challenges

·       CDR Bruce Defibaugh, USN, Strategy and Policy, Navy Irregular Warfare Office


Guest Speaker: “ Southern Indiana As A Test Bead”

·       LTC Kenneth McCallister,  USA (Ret.)


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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Navy Maritime and Littoral Efforts

·       Mr. Victor Gavin, Program Executive Office Littoral and Mine Warfare Executive Director


Guest Speaker

·       Mr. James McMains,  ONR Director for Combating Terrorism and Enterprise Integration


Information Technology Collaboration: Linking Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations

·       Mr. Robert A. Piccerillo, Representative from Multi-Agency Collaboration Environment (MACE)


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