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2010 Pacific Operational Science & Technology Conference & Exhibition

“Integrating Technologies to Fill Capability Gaps - S&T Support for Soft Power”

Honolulu, HI

16 - 18 March  2010


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sustainable Transition for Soft Power Tools

·        Dr. Peter Crouch, Dean, School of Engineering, University of Hawaii

·        Mr. Wes Freiwald, President, Pacific Defense Solutions

·        Mr. Steven Loui, President, Pacific Marine

1)     Sea Flyer Honolulu           Windows Media Audio/Video file

2)     NAV1 Swath                     Windows Media Audio/Video file

3)     Dropstitch                          Windows Media Audio/Video file

4)     B65 pilothouse                   Windows Media Audio/Video file

5)     Sea Flyer High Fly             Windows Media Audio/Video file

6)     Mid Foil Underwater          RealPlayer MPEG Video

7)     BR51                                  Windows Media Audio/Video file


Government Response to HA/DR

·        Ms. Susan Reichle, Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator for USAID’s Bureau for Democracy, DCHA

·        COL Steven Seng, 3rd Division Artillery Command Singapore


Defining a Need for Soft Power Tools

·        LTG (USA, Ret) E.P. Smith, Director, APCSS


Building Community Resilience

·        LT Gen (USMC, Ret) John Goodman, Director, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

·        Mr. Earl Wyatt, Director, Rapid Fielding Office

·        CAPT Robert Gusentine, SOCPAC J3


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Building Maritime Partnerships

·        RDML Stephen Mehling, Chief of Staff 14th Coast Guard District

1)     Antipiracy          Windows Media Audio/Video file

·        CAPT Michael Fierro, Assistant Director for Police, Resources and Strategy for US Naval Forces Europe and Africa - US Sixth Fleet

·        Mr. Jim Churchill, International C41 Integration Program Manager, PEO C41


Soft Power Tools

·        RADM Nevin Carr III, Chief Naval Research

·        BG Harold Greene, Deputy Commander, RDECOM

·        Dr. Kim, Executive Vice President Agency for Defense Development, ROK


USAPACOM Component Perspective on Soft Power

·        BG Alan Lynn, Commanding General,l 311th Signal Command (T), USARPAC

·        RDML Steven Ratti, Director, JIATF-W

·        Dr. George Kailiwai III, Director, Resources and Assessment (J8)


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