Joint Armaments Conference, Exhibition & Firing Demonstration

"21st Century Weapon Systems - Providing the Right Response"

17 - 20 May 2010

Dallas, TX




Monday, May 17, 2010


  • DOD Instruction 5000.2, Ms. Karen Byrd, LCSC Learning Assistant Program Manager, DAU
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations, Government and Corporate Perspectives:
    1. Mr. Larry Christensen, Member Miller & Chevalier Chartered
    2. Mr. Moses E. Lewis, Executive Consultant to EME
  • De Mystifying Intellectual Property and Data Rights: Government & Industry Perspectives, Mr. Tim Ryan, Technology Transfer Program Manager ARDEC

Tuesday , May 18, 2010


    BrigGen Michael M. Brogan, USMC, Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command
    BG Peter N. Fuller, USA, Program Executive Officer (PEO) Soldier





    Mr. Hans Hoeneveld, Senior Program Manager Ammunition, Netherlands Defense Materiel Organization



KEYNOTE: F-35 Weapon System Overview



  • 9899 - MK 51 Modular Advanced Weapon System (MAWS), Mr. Steven Cannon, NSWC PHD Det Louisville
  • 10595 - Gun Tube Wear Reduction for 105mm Artillery, Mr. Thomas Boncompain, General Dynamics, Ordnance and Tactical Systems Canada
  • 10153 - Indirect Fires Precision and Lethality Enhancements through Digitization of Artillery and Mortar Weapon Systems, Mr. Victor Galgano, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 10190 - JSF Missionized Gun System, Mr. Douglas Parker, General Dynamics ATP
  • 10235 - EFV 30mm Ammunition Feed System, Ms. Kim Perkins, General Dynamics ATP
  • 10640 - Gun / Ammunition Acquisition Strategy for the EFV Program, Major Ian McDuffie, USMC, Head of Guns and Ammo APM-Mechanical Systems, PM AAA




Wednesday, May 19, 2010






  • 10137 - Small Arms Weapon Integration on the Ramp of the V-22 Osprey, Mr. James Buechler, NSWC Crane
  • The Kongsberg Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station: An Evolution in Capability for the Small Arms of Today to the Medium Cannon of Tomorrow, Mr. Westley "Bo" Barbour, Kongsberg Defence Systems
  • 9915 - Advanced Remote/Robotic Armament System (ARAS), Mr. Robert Testa, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 9861 - Strategic Tripartite. Historic Opportunities for US and NATO Ground Combatants, Mr. Jim Schatz, Consultant
  • 9863 - The Next Generation: The Case for a New NATO Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridge, Mr. Anthony Williams, Consultant/li>



  • 10690 - Is There a Problem With the Lethality of the 5.56 NATO Caliber, Mr. Per Arvidsson, NATO Weapons & Sensors Working Group
  • 10000 - Grenade Launchers in China, Ms. Juanjuan Yang, China R&D Academy of Machinery
  • 10055 - K11, Dual-Barrel Air-Burst Weapon, Dr. In Woo Kim, Agency for Defense Development, Korea
  • 10136 - R&D Activities in Support of the Canadian Small Arms Replacement Project, Mr. Paul Harris, Defence Research and Development, Canada
  • 10202 - Enhanced Warfighter Capability with Direct and Indirect Small Arms Ammunition, Mr. Jarl Eirik Straume, Nammo Raufoss AS, Norway
  • 10201 - Developing IfraRed (IR) (Dim) Tracer Compositions for Reduced Signature, Mr. Peter Hedsand , Nammo Vanäsverken AB, Sweden
  • 10200 - Developing Reduced Range Ammunition for Training and Urban Combat, Mr. Fredrik Erninge,Nammo Vanäsverken AB, Sweden



  • 9898 - Application of IWARS in Small Arms Development, Mr. Alex Lee, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 9909 - Small Arms Modeling and Simulation, Mr. Clinton Fischer, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC



  • 10070 - Advancements in Personnel Incapacitation Methodologies for Multiple Projectile Cartridges,Mr. Stephen Swann, Army Research Laboratory
  • 10226 - Testing Non-lethals: Finding the Right Tools for the Job, Mr. Pascal Paulissen, TNO Defence, Security and Safety



  • 9684 - Lethal Limited Range Round, Mr. Stephen McFarlane, U.S. Army<
  • 10004 - Small Caliber Propellant Solutions for the U.S. Military, Mr. Steve Faintich, St. Marks Powder, A General Dynamics Company
  • 10149 - DARPA SCORPION Program Transition to Army Advanced Technology Objective Program: A Success Story, Mr. Andre Lovas, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • 10213 - Lightweight Small Caliber Ammuntion (LSCA) Lessons Learned From Prototype Fabrication to Full Production Rates, Mr. George Feghali, General Dynamics OTS-Canada, Inc. & Mr. Bill Dittrich, Fleximation, Inc.
  • 10172 - Aluminum 5.56 Case Development: Continued Success with an Advanced Lightweight Material, Mr. Christopher Still, ATK
  • 10170 - Case Weight Variation Reduction and Subsequent Ballistic Dispersion Improvements in M118LR, Ms. Dionne Dillon, ATK Small Caliber Systems
  • 10183 - .50 Caliber Steel Case Development: Design and Development of a Lightweight Case Compatible with Modernized Production Processes at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Mr. Christian Miller, ATK Small Caliber Systems
  • 10195 - Effects of Barrel Length on Sound Measurement, Bore Pressure, and Bullet Velocity, Dr. Philip Dater, Gemtech
  • 10186 - MEMS S&A for Munitions, Mr. Dale Spencer, Kaman Precision Products
  • 10650 - Developments in Short Range Training Ammunition, Mr. Luis de Sousa, General Dynamics OTS, Simunition Operations




  • 9894 - Design of an Intelligent Round Counter for Monitoring Ballistic Events Experienced by a Gun Barrel, Mr. Cory Mettler, American Science and Technology
  • 10231 - The Rarefaction Wave Gun (RAVEN) Program, Mr. Mike Bixler, ARES, Inc.
  • 9936 - "Lightening Strike" - An Indirect Fire Concept Utilizing Combustion Light Gas Gun (CLGG) Technology to Achieve Extreme Ranges, Mr. David Kruczynski, UTRON Inc. & Mr. Stephen Floroff, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 10135 - Hypersonic Plasma Particle Deposition Coating… Making 21st Century Weaponry Last into the 22nd, Mr. Daniel Fox, Rushford Hypersonic, LLC
  • 10150 - Exo-atmosphere Propulsion for Hypersonic Projectiles, Dr. Wayne Sawka, DigitalSolid State Propulsion, LLC
  • 10220 - Extended Area Protection and Survivability (EAPS) 50mm Cannon, Mr. Arthur Aeberli, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 10222 - Advanced Gun Barrel Technology Program, Background and Results, Mr. Bill Vezina, BAE Systems
  • 10033 - Selectable Effects Warhead Technology Demonstration, Mr. Eric Volkmann, ATK
  • 10151 - Ultrasonic Characterization of Explosively-Bonded Concentric Tubes, Mr. Chris Jerred, South Dakota State University
  • 9910 - Magnelok™ Technology - Achieving High Torque-densities with a Novel Electromagnetically Actuated Band-brake, Mr. Scott Miller, LORD Corporation
  • 9720 - Miniaturized ESAD Development, Mr. Ed Cooper, L-3 Fuzing and Ordnance Systems
  • 9974 - Technology Trends in Fuzing and Munitions Power Sources, Mr. Oliver Barham, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC
  • 10143 - Low Volume, Negligible EMI Advanced Guided Bullet and Mortar Flight Control Actuators, Dr. Ron Barrett, University of Kansas



  • 9878 - Unique Partnership to Provide Precision and Lethality to Tomorrow’s Warfighter, Ms. Kelly Moran , ATK
  • 9990 - High Performance BKNO3 Igniter Formulations, Dr. Eugene Rozumov, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 10006 - Medium and Large Caliber Propellant Solutions, Mr. Robert Pulver, St. Marks Powder, A General Dynamics Company
  • 10176 - Development of a Solventless Propellant for Use in 120mm Tank Training Rounds, Mr. Jim Wedwick, ATK
  • 10001 - Ageing Effects on Performance of Small and Medium Calibre Ammunition, Mr. Chris Van Driel, TNO Defence, Security and Safety
  • 10229 - The 155MM M795 Artillery Shell Loaded with IMX-101, Mr. Anthony DiStasio, U.S. Army ARDEC & Mr. Michael Ervin, BAE SystemsDIRECT & INDIRECT FIRES
  • 9848 - 25mm Non-Energetic Fragmenting Cartridge, Mr. Rick Wright, General Dynamics
  • 9857 - 120 MM XM360 Gun Program - Test & Evolution, Mr. David Smith P.E., U.S. Army Benet Laboratories
  • 9862 - Howitzer Digitization Engineering Issues, Mr. William Key, IXSEA, Inc.
  • 9869/10148 - Modeling of Composite Wrapped Cannon Barrel/Non-Destructive Inspection & Design, Dr. Zhong Hu, South Dakota State University & Dr. Jikai Du, South Dakota State University
  • 9945 - Super 40mm to 30mm Ammunition Comparison – Performance/Lethality, Mr. Rick Wright, General Dynamic
  • 10032 - The Advance Case System (ACS) program for 120mm Tank Training Ammo, Mr. Jeff Berg, TK
  • 10225 - Warfare Has Changed: Investigation of the Performance of Ammunition in Maritime & Urban Environments, Mr. Martin van de Voorde, TNO Defence, Security and Safety
  • 10157 - Modular Design of Direct Fire Medium Caliber Gun Systems for Joint Operations, Mr. Andrew Bradick, Consultant



  • 9708 - Simulation of Cellulose Nitration Reaction, Mr. Mohamed (Mo) Elalem, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 10179 - Automated Projectile Design Software, Mr. Mark Steinhoff, Arrow Tech Associates, Inc.
  • 10158 - Pyrotechnic Shock Loading of the M82 Percussion Primer in the M777 Light Weight Howitzer Magazine Assembly, Ms. Kathryn Hunt, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • 9908 - Numerical and Experimental Comparison of Muzzle Brake Impulse Reduction on a 120mm Cannon System, Mr. Robert Carson, Benet Laboratories, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 10350 - Scalable Lethality: "Dial-a-Yield" Approach to Greater Precision Engagement, Mr. Henry Kerwein, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 9707 - Modeling of Fluid Energy Milling Process, Mr. Mohamed (Mo) Elalem, U.S. Army ARDEC


Thursday, May 20, 2010



  • An Overview of Non-Standard Ammunition, LTC Robert Dionisio
  • Training Ammunition Safety Initiatives, LTC Robertson, Product Director
  • 40MM Ammunition: Evolving and Emerging Requirements,MAJ Marc Meeker, Assistant Product Manager, Medium Caliber Ammunition
  • Small Caliber Ammunition: Enhancing Capabilities, LTC Jeffrey Woods, Product Manager, Small Caliber Ammunition



  • 9855 - Lightweight Small Arms Technologies, Mrs. Kori Phillips, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 10188 - JSSAP Futures 2012-2020, Dr. Barton Halpern, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 9895 - National Small Arms Center Update, Mr. Frank Puzycki, JSSAP Office, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 10193 - Advanced Lethal Armament Technology for Small Arms, Mrs. Sabbian Registe, ARDEC-RDECOM
  • 9916 - Advanced Fire Control Technology for Small Arms Army Technology Objective (ATO), Mr. Terence F. Rice, U.S. Army ARDEC



Distinguished Speaker: Mr. Edgar Fossheim, Nammo AS, Norway



  • 9714 - Demonstration and Validation of Lead-free Ballistic Modifier for Rocket Propellants, Dr. Sarah Headrick, ATK
  • 10074 - Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System II, LCDR Nick Green, USN, Direct and Time Sensitive Strike Weapons PMA-242



  • 10142 - Hovering Precision Weapons (HPW): Enabling Precise Surgical Strike and Collocated Close Air Support from Tactical to Strategic Distances, Dr. Ron Barrett, University of Kansas
  • 10228 - CROWS II Vehicle Integration, Mr. Joseph Scheneck, PE, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 9827 - Environmentally Acceptable Alternatives to Lead Azide and Lead Styphnate, Dr. Michael Williams , Pacific Scientific EMC
  • 10593 - Non-Incendiary Artillery Marking and Illumination Solutions, Mr. George Kurzik, General Dynamics - Ordnance and Tactical Systems & Mr. Ed Schmidt, Cyalume Technologies