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10th Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference/DoD Tech Exposition

“Creating Capability Surprise Through Innovative S&T and Operational Prototyping”

Charleston, SC

21 - 23 April 2009



Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Strategic Imperatives for DoD S&T Program

Mr. Alan R. Shaffer, Principal Deputy Director, Defense Research & Engineering


The Advanced Systems & Concepts Portfolio of Opportunities

Dr. Charles Perkins, Acting, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Advanced Systems & Concepts


The DoD T&E/S&T Program

Mr. Gerald Christenson, T&E/S&T Program Manager, Defense Test Resource Management Center


Quick Reaction and Rapid Reaction Funds

Mr. Glenn Fogg, Deputy Director, Rapid Reaction Technology Office


Coalition Warfare Program

Colonel Kathleen Hithe, USAF, Deputy Director for Coalition Warfare


Allied Science & Technology… Changes at the Defence Science & Technology Organization

Featured Speaker: Professor Robert Clark, CDS, Australian Defence Science & Technology


Keynote Address

Dr. Zachary J. Lemnios, Chief Technology Officer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory


Session 1: Army Session


         Dr. Cary Chabalowski, Director for Science & Technology Integration, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research & Technology)

         Dr. Walter (Rick) F. Morrison, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton


Army Science & Technology: Empowering Soldiers Through Innovative Technology

Dr. Thomas Killion, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research &Technology)/Chief Scientist


Technology Focus Teams/Systems Integration Domains

COL Craig G. Langhauser, Director, Simulation and Training Center, RDECOM


Power and Energy

Dr. Edward C. Shaffer, Sensors and Electronic Devices Directorate, U.S. Army Research Laboratory


Network Science

Dr. David Skatrud, Director, Army Research Office


Robotic Systems


Mr. Jeffrey F. Jaster, Deputy Associate Director for Autonomous Systems Intelligent Ground Systems, RDECOM-TARDEC


Special Presentation: The Focus Center Research Program

Dr. Jeffery Rogers, Program Manager, Focus Center Research Program, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Air Force STEM Workforce Today and Tomorrow

Mr. Leif E. Peterson, National Research Council, Air Force Science Board Committee on “Examination of the U. S. Air Force’s STEM Workforce Needs in the Future and Its Strategy to Meet Those Needs”


Panel Discussion on “Processes for Effective R&D Planning & Technology Transition”

Panel Moderator: Dr. John W. Betz, Chair, Air Force Scientific Advisory Board

         Ms. Roberta M. Ewart, Chief Scientist, Air Force Space & Missile Systems Center

         Mr. Wendell D. Banks, Director, Plans and Programs, Air Force Research Laboratory


Session 3: Naval Session

Innovating for the Future

Dr. Larry Schuette, Director of Innovation, Office of Naval Research


Panel on Naval Open Architecture

Panel Moderator: Mr. Nick Guertin, Deputy Director for Open Architecture (PEO IWS 7B)

         Dr. Wayne Meeks, Executive Director, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy - Ships

         Dr. Joseph Lawrence, III, Director of Transition, Office of Naval Research


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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Session 4: Capabilities Needed by the Combatant Commanders

How Capabilities are Developed and Delivered to the Combatant Commanders

Mr. Mike Knollmann, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Joint & Coalition Operations Support)



Mr. Martin Drake, Science Advisor, USCENTCOM



Mr. Jim Burdell, Science Advisor, USPACOM



Mr. Forrest G. Ruble, EUCOM Science Advisor, ECJ8-Q



Mr. Herb Warden, JCTD Program Manager, USSOUTHCOM



Mr. Edmund M. Doray, Chief, Concepts and Technology Division, N-NC Interagency Directorate, NORTHCOM



Mr. Lou Bernstein, Science Advisor, USTRANSCOM



Mr. Dave Tyner, Deputy Division Chief, J81, USSTRATCOM


Session: Strategic Discussion on DoD Independent Research and Development

Opening Remarks

Dr. Andre van Tilborg, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology


Military Department Presentations

         Army - Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati, Deputy Director for Laboratory Management

         Navy - Rear Admiral Nevin P. Carr, USN, Chief of Naval Research

         Air Force - Mr. Wendell D. Banks, Director, Plans & Programs, Air Force Research Laboratory



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