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“21ST Century Logistics: Vision and Strategies for the 2nd Decade”

Miami, FL

6 - 9 April 2009



Tuesday 7 April 2009


Panel Discussion: “Small Business Interoperability and Opportunity in a Complex Defense Marketplace”


         VADM Keith Lippert, USN (Ret), Chief Strategy Officer, Accenture National Security Services

         MG Dan Mongeon, USA (Ret), President and CEO, Agility Defense and Government Services

         Mr. Rod Buck, President, The Columbia Group

         Mr. Dick Lohrmann, Principal, Supply Chain and Logistics, Booz Allen Hamilton


Luncheon Speaker

         Honorable Jack Bell, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Logistics & Materiel Readiness


Panel Discussion: “Stabilization and Economic Reconstruction: Logistics Integration”

Moderator: Ambassador (Ret) David Litt, Executive Director, Center for Stabilization and Economic Reconstruction


         Mr. Gerald Brown, Director, Industry Revitalization, Task Force on Improving Business and Stability Operations in Iraq (TFBSO), DoD

         Mr. Bill Horan, President, Operation Blessing

         Col Stephen Medeiros, USMC, Director ES-Log, USSOUTHCOM


Panel Discussion: “Multinational Logistics: A Rapidly Evolving, Complex Capability”

Moderator: Mr. George Topic, Deputy Director for Strategic Logistics, J4, The Joint Staff


         Mr. Gibson LeBoeuf, Vice President, Raytheon Company

         Col F.M. Boomer, Chief of Operational Support Transformation, Canadian Operational Support Command

         RADM Linda Bird, USN (Ret), Director of Logistics Programmes and Operations, NATO Maintenance Supply Agency

         Brig Jonathan Downes, OBE, Head of Defence Logistic Operations and Plans, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence


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Wednesday 8 April 2009




         LT G Kathleen Gainey, USA, Director for Logistics J4, The Joint Staff


Panel Discussion: “Joint Logistics Leadership Fireside Chat”


         BG Steven Anderson, USA, Director, Operations and Logistics Readiness, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4

         VADM Alan Thompson, SC, USN, Director, DLA


Panel Discussion: “Industry Logistics Leadership Roundtable”

Moderator: Mr. Louis Kratz, Vice President, Logistics and Sustainment, Corporate Engineering and Technology, Lockheed

Martin Corporation


Panel Discussion: “Operational Logistics Challenges in the Evolving National Security Environment”

Moderator: Mr. John Johns, ADUSD Maintenance Policy, OSD/L&MR


         Mr. Christopher Lowman, SES, Director of Maintenance, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G4

         MajGen Willie Williams, USMC, Commanding General, MARCORLO GCOM

         Maj Gen Bob McMahon, USAF, Director of Logistics, A-4L, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force

         MG Jerry Johnson, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, G4, U.S. Army Forces Command

         RDML Andy Brown, USN, Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers, U.S. Navy

         Mr. Jeff Orner, SES, Deputy Assistant Commandant, Engineering and Logistics, CG-4D, U.S. Coast Guard


Panel Discussion: “Contracting and Contractor Challenges on the Battlefield - Integrating and Controlling ‘The Fifth Force Provider’”

Moderator: Mr. Gary Motsek, ADUSD, Program Support, OSD/L&MR


         Ms. Kristi Clemens, President, Aegis Defense Services LLC

         RDML Kathleen Dussault, USN, Commander, Joint Contracting Command Iraq and Afghanistan (Invited)

         Mr. Will Moser, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Logistics Management, Department of State

         LT G Rick Hack, USA, (Ret), KBR


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Thursday 9 April 2009




Panel Discussion: “Logistics Workforce Education and Human Capital Initiatives: The Impact on People, Processes and Readiness”

Moderator: LTG Bob Dail, USA (Ret), President, Supreme Group (USA)


         Dr. Paul Needham, National Defense University

         Mr. George Topic, Deputy for Strategic Logistics, J4 Directorate, The Joint Staff

         Mr. J. David Patterson, Executive Director, National Defense Business Institute, College of Business Administration, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

         Mr. Alan Estevez, PADUSD/L&MR

         Mr. Michael Madden, Deputy Commander, MARCORLO GCOM


Panel Discussion: “Operationalizing Information Technologies: Impact on People, Processes and Readiness”

Moderator: Mr. Tim Harp, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3ISR & IT Acquisition, OSD


         Mr. William Kanotz, Director, Logistics Programs, Surveillance Systems, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

         Mr. James Sprang, Autonomic Logistics Information System Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Corporation

         MG Dennis Jackson, USA (Ret), Director, Logistics Transformation, Oak Ridge National Labs

         Mr. Jon Newsom, Sustainment/PBL Solution Principal, SAP Public Services, Inc.



         Gen Duncan McNabb, USAF, Commander, USTRANSCOM


Panel Discussion: “Homeland Defense: People, Processes and Technology in Crisis Response”


         Mr. Richard Gunderson, Acting Chief Procurement Offices, DHS HQ

         Mr. Jeff Orner, SES, Deputy Assistant Commandant, Engineering and Logistics, CG-4D, U.S. Coast Guard


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