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2009 Homeland Security Symposium & Exhibition

“Building a Resilient & Sustainable Homeland - Public and Private Sector Partners Serving America

Arlington, VA

9 - 10 September 2009



Wednesday, 9 September 2009


PANEL: Technology – Keeping up with the Requirements of Homeland Security/Homeland Defense

Panel Members

         Dr. Keith Harman, Vice President, Engineering, Magal-Senstar Corp.

         Mr. Michael Toscano, Executive Director, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

         Mr. Douglas Cavileer, Director, Operations Division Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office

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         Mr. Bernd (Bear) McConnell, Director of Interagency Coordination, NORAD & NORTHCOM


PANEL: U.S. Land Border Management: Today & Tomorrow

Panel Members

         Ms. Colleen Manaher, Director, Western Hemisphere Initiative Program

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PANEL: International Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Panel Members

         Mr. Gary Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Hutchison Port Holdings

         Mr. Sam Banks, Executive Vice President, Sandler & Travis Advisory Services (former Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Customs Service)

         Mr. James Phillips, President & CEO, Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance

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Thursday, 10 September 2009


PANEL: Securing Cyberspace and America’s Cyber Assets: Threats, Strategies and Opportunities

Panel Members

         Mr. Brian G. McGinley, Lead, BGM Risk Management Group (former Director of Deposit, Control & Loss Operations, Wachovia Corporation; Director of Risk Management & Control and Group Information Security Officer, Citigroup)

         Mr. Bob Dix, Vice President, Government Affairs & Critical Infrastructure Protection, Juniper Networks, Inc.



         MG Michael H. Sumrall, USA, Assistant to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff for National Guard Matters


PANEL: Selling Solutions in the Homeland Security Market

Panel Members

         Mr. Daniel McLaughlin, Office of Procurement Operations, DHS

         Dr. Tom Cellucci, Chief Commercialization Officer, Science & Technology Directorate, DHS

         Ms. Courtney Fairchild, GSA Specialist, Global Services, Inc.

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