Conference Proceedings

20th Annual NDIA SO/LIC Symposium & Exhibition

"The Persistent Conflict: The Path Ahead"

10 - 12 February 2009

Washington, DC



Essay, "Scoring the Long War", by Andrew Boyden, Phillip Menard and Robert Ramirez
Essay, "Keeping COIN Simple: the Outhouse Strategy for Security Development", by Herb Daniels
White Paper, "The Road to Peace, One Person at a Time: Sister Cities International and Its Role in Persistent Conflict", by Patrick Madden and Christopher P. Dufour
White Paper, "Special Reconnaissance/Unconventional Warfare - How about an UxV for a Teamate?", by Miles Libbey, Ph.D and Robinson Harris, Ph.D. (Cand.)
White Paper, "Transforming America's Collaborative Crisis Response Capability: The Executive Education Dimension", by Amb (ret.) David C. Litt
White Paper, "Private Sector Efforts to Relieve the Burden of SOF Forces", by Sam Miess

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Panel 1: Regional Views of Persistent Conflict

Panel 2: Technology and Persistent Conflict

Panel 3: Views from the Practitioners

    Col Joseph Clem, USAF, Deputy Director, Directorate of Plans, Programs, Requirements & Assessments


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Panel 4: Persistent Conflict and the Human Dimension

    COL Mark Lowe, USA, Commander, 1st Special Warfare Training Group CDR Ann Kubera, USN, Division Chief, Personnel Operations, USSOCOM COL Rocky Farr, USA, Command Surgeon, USSOCOM Mr. Jim Lorraine, Director of Care Coalition, USSOCOM White Paper Presenter: Mr. Sam Miess, Principal Staff, Concurrent Technologies Corp.

Panel 5: Strategies for Persistent Conflict

Panel 6: Meeting the Challenge of Persistent Conflict through Education and Training


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Panel 7: Interagency Perspectives

Keynote Speaker: