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2009 Munitions Executive Summit
“Re-Shaping the Munitions Enterprise”
New Orleans, LA

February 3 - 5, 2009

Conference Agenda



PEO-Ammo Welcome –BG Wyche

US Government Keynote – LTG James H. Pillsbury, USA, Deputy CG, Army Material Command

Industry Keynote Address –Mr. Edgar Fossheim, President & CEO, Nammo Group


Keynote Speaker – Mr. James McAleese, Principal, McAleese & Associates, P.C.

Warfighter Perspective – MSgt  Mike West, USAF, AF Special Operations Command



PEO Missiles & Space – Mr. Mike Hartwell, Deputy Program Executive Officer, Missile and Space


Joint Ordnance Commanders Group Panel

·         COL Steven G. Lavoye, USAF, AF/A4LW (Pentagaon)

·          RDML James P.  McManamo, Director, DON Weapons and Ordnance Safety (SEA 00V) and NAVSEA Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare (SEA 21)

·          BGen Michael M. Brogan, Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command

·          Mr. Jyuji D. Hewitt, Deputy to the Commander, HQ, Joint Munitions Command


PEO Acquisition Panel

·         Mr. Chris Grassano, PM Maneuver Ammunition Systems

·          COL Ole Knudson, Project Manager Conventional Ammunition Systems

·          COL Andre Kirnes, Project Director Joint Services

·          COL Ray Nulk, Project Manager-Close Combat Systems

·          Mr. William (Bill) Sanville, Project Director For Non-Standard Ammunition Product Directorate


ICAP Report – Mr. Mark DeYoung, ICAP Industry Chair


Commodity Spotlight – Mr. Gregory L. Crawford, Steel Market Development Institute


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OSD Perspective – Mr. Anthony J. Melita, OUSD, Deputy Director,  Land Warfare and Munitions

 USASAC Update – Mr. Rick Alpaugh, Deputy to the Commanding General, USASAC


US Army Munitions Requirements

·         COL Richard Mason, Chief, DA G3 Munitions

·          Mr. Don Chrans, Army G8/FDX Munitions Division

·          Ms. Susan Carlson, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, Headquarters, Department of the Army

·          Mr. Jeffrey C. Brooks, Deputy Director for Ammunition, Munitions Systems Directorate, Office of the Assistant, Logistics and Technology


ARDEC Perspective Initiatives – Mr. Barbara Machak, Associate Technical Director, ARDEC


Congressional Budget Perspective – D. Ladd, CEO, Robison International


Industrial Base Panel

·         COL Barnett, IV, Commander, Pine Bluff Arsenal

·          Mr. Michael H. Yoh, Executive Vice President, Day & Zimmermann Inc.

·          Mr. David Siggers, Spectra-Tech


Wall Street Perspective –  Mr. Pierre Chao, Managing Partner, Renaissance Strategic Advisor


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