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Technical Information Division Conference


Enterprise Configuration and Data Management


Huntsville, AL


20-21 October 2008



Monday 20 October 2008


Government Keynote Speaker #1 “Revitalizing SE: Our Path Forward”

Mr. Stuart Booth, DoD Systems Engineering, Enterprise, Development, Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC


Government Keynote Speaker #2 Enterprise Architecture Challenges”

Mr. Don Monell, Information Systems Office Manager/Lead, NASA Constellation Program, Huntsville, AL


NDIA CDM Certification Program Overview

Mr. Chuck Billingsley, Configuration Manager, COLSA Corporation, Huntsville, AL


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Tuesday 21 October 2008



Mr. Gaston Ray, Manager of QA&CM, General Dynamics C4 Systems, Minneapolis, MN

         IEEE/EIA 12207: Software Life Cycle Processes


         ASME Y14 Series: Engineering Drawing Practices

o       Architecture Planning

o       Engineering Drawings 1

o       Engineering Drawings 2

o       Engineering Drawings 3

o       Engineering Drawings 4


         ANSI/EIA 649: National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management




Ms. Bonnie E. Johnson, Millennium Data Management, Huntsville, AL

         DM Outline

         Enterprise DM

         DM Outbrief

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