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11th Annual Systems Engineering Conference


San Diego, CA

20-23 October 2008




Keynote Addresses:

·         HON Charles McQueary, Director, Operational Test & Evaluation;


Plenary Session: Executive Panel


Ms. Kristin Baldwin, Deputy Director, Software Engineering & System Assurance


·         Mr. Terry Jaggers, Director, SAF/AQR (Science, Technology & Engineering)

·         Mr. Carl Siel, Chief Systems Engineer; ASN(RDA)CHENG

·         Mr. Ross Guckert, Assistant Deputy, Acquisition & Systems Integration ASA(ALT)


Luncheon with Speaker in the Regatta Pavilion

·         Dr. Ronald Jost, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, C3, Space & Spectrum



      Session 2C1

·         7099- DoD’s Systems and Engineering Revitalization Efforts- An Update Mr. Nicholas M. Torelli, OSD/SSE/ED

·         7475 - The Effectiveness of Systems Engineering on Federal (DoD) System Development Programs - Update 2008, Mr. Ken Ptack

·         7153- Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) and Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) Unification Mr. Chet Bracuto, OSD

·         Naval Power 21 Integration & Interoperability Improvement, Mr. Kevin Smith

·         7089 - Systems Engineering for Systems of Systems, Dr. Judith Dahmann, The MITRE Corporation



     Session 2C2

·         7100- Implementation of the 2007 Developmental Test & Evaluation Defense Science Board Results:  Mr. Chris DiPetto, OUSD/SSR/

·         7101 - Test and Evaluation Value Metrics at Acquisition Decision Points: Ms. Darlene Mosser-Kerner, OUSD/SSE/DTE

·         6979 - Integration of Software Intensive Systems: Mr. Tom Wissink, Lockheed Martin

·         6996 - Modeling & Simulation in the Test & Evaluation Master Plan, Mr. Michael Truelove

·         7103 – “New….Improved” Test & Evaluation Master Plan, Ms. Darlene Mosser-Kerner

·         7290 – Mission Based T&E Strategy, Mr. Chris Wilcox



     Session 2C3

·         7096 - New Acquisition Policy and Its Impact on Defense Systems Engineering: Ms. Sharon Vannucci, ODUSD/SSE/ED

·         6919- Improving the Quality of DoD Weapon Systems: Ms. Cheryl K. Andrew, U.S. Government Accountability Office

·         An Air Force S&T Directorate’s View on Applying Systems Engineering Principles to its Programs

·         High Confidence Technology Transition Planning Through the Use of Stage-Gates (TD-13), Dr. Claudia Kropas-Hughes, HQ, AFMC

·         7002 - Systems Engineering Re-vitalization at the Defense Contract Management Agency: Mr. Lawrence F. Cianciolo, Defense Contract Management Agency



     Session 2C4

·         6997 - Human Systems Integration and Model Based Systems Engineering: Dr. Abraham W. Meilich, Lockheed Martin

·         7084 - Human Reliability Analysis and the Advanced Man Portable Air Defense System: A Case Study: Mr. Christopher A. Brown, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane

·         7092- Systems Engineering to Ensure Aircraft Airworthiness, Mr. Jim Miller

·         7161 – ESOH In Acquisition OSD Expectations For Implementing DODI 5000.02, Ms. Karen Gill

·         ESOH Challenges in Commissioning an Aircraft Carrier, Mr. Doug Parrish, Booz Allen Hamilton



     Session 2C5

·         7172 - Execution of the Acquisition M&S Master Plan- A Progress Report: Mr. James W.. Hollenbach,  Simulation Strategies, Inc.

·         Update on Survey on Modeling and Simulation Support for the Systems Engineering of Systems of Systems, Ms. Judith Dahmann, Simulation Strategies, Inc

·         7440 - Synchronizing Modeling and Simulation Plans Across Navy Acquisition: Dr. Ivar Oswalt, VisiTech

·         7085 - Modeling and Simulation Resource Reuse Business Model: Mr. Dennis P. Shea, Center For Naval Analyses

·         Joint Rapid Scenario Generation (JRSG) System Engineering, Mr. Ralph O’Connell, US Joint Forces Command, Joint Capability Development (J8)

·         Cross-Command Collaboration Effort (3CE)



     Session 2C6

·         7461-Network Centric Engineering use of the NCOIC (Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium) Processes and Tools in a Logistics Example: Mr. Thomas M. Dlugolecki, SenseResponder LLC

·         7128 - Changing the Value Equation in Engineering and Acquisition to Align Systems of Systems with Dynamic Mission Needs: Mr. Philip J. Boxer, Software Engineering Institute

·         7341 - Crucial Factors in the Design of Net-Centric Systems: Dr. David Hernandez, Tactronics Holdings, LLC

·         7330 – Creating a Systems Architecture for an SOA-based IT System as Part of a Systems Engineering Process, Mr. Robert S. Elinger   

·         A Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Business Model for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)



     Session 2C7

·         7444- Acquisitions Requirements of Capabilities in a Netcentric Enterprise - Creating a Capabilities Engineering Framework: Mr.Jack M. Van Kirk, SFAE-AV-AS

·         7138- Implications of Capability-based Planning on Requirements Engineering: Mr. Leonard Sadauskas, DoD CIO, IT Investment & Commercial Policy

·         7191- System Concept of Operations: Standards, Practices, and Reality: Ms. Nicole Roberts, L-3 Communications

·         7066 - Two-Step Methodology to Reduce Software System Requirements Defects, Mr. Robert J. Kosman

·         7451 - Why Design for Testability Sooner?, Mr. Bruce Bardell, BAE Systems

·         7399 – The Challenges of Requirements Decomposition, Ms. Eliza Siu, Northrop Grumman Corporation



     Session 2C8


·         7137 - DoD Software Engineering and System Assurance: Moderator: Ms. Kristen J. Baldwin, Systems and Software Engineering

·         7139 - A Framework for Integrating Systems and Software Engineering: Dr. Richard Turner, Stevens Institute of Technology

·         7041 - Software Process Improvement for Acquisition of Naval Software Intensive Systems: Mr. Carl Siel, U.S. Navy, ASN (RDA) CHENG

·          7119 - Architecting Systems to Meet Expectations – Managing Quality Characteristics To Reduce Risk, Mr. Paul R. Croll, CSC

·         7156 – New Concepts and Trends – How Future Trends in Systems and Software Technology Bode Well for Enabling Improved Acquisition and Performance in Defense Systems, Dr. Kenneth E. Nidiffer

·         7239 – Systems and Software Design Principles for Large-Scale Mission-Critical Embedded Products from Aerospace and Financial Problems Domains,  Mr. Rick Selby, Northrop Grumman Space Technology


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Luncheon with Speaker in the Regatta Pavilion

·         Ms. Shannon Cunniff, Director, Emerging Containments: Office of Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment)



     Session 3A1

·         7405 - Systems Engineering: Application in Complex Organizations: Mr. Kevin Roney, Booz Allen Hamilton

·         7065 - Establishing a Systems Engineering Center of Excellence in PEO Ground Combat Systems: Mr. Michael H. Phillips, Jacobs

·         7423- Systems Engineering Capability Development: Mr. Edward Andres, TARDEC

     Session 3B1

·         7436- A Process Decision Table for Integrated Systems and Software Engineering: Dr. Barry Boehm, USC-CSSE

·         7190 - A Tool to Enhance Systems Engineering Planning: Ms. Sue O’Brien, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

·         6945- The Role of Chaos and Complexity in Systems Development:  Dr. Robert J. Monson, Lockheed Martin

     Session 3C1

·         6878 - Reduction of Total Ownership Costs (R-TOC) and Value Engineering (VE) in Defense System’s Life Cycle: Mr. Chet Bracuto, OSD

·         7007 - Using Performance-Based Earned Value(R) for Measuring Systems Engineering Effectiveness: Dr. Ronald S. Carson, Boeing

·         7017-KBAD- A Cost-Effective Way to Conduct Design and Analysis: Dr. Steven Dam, Systems and Proposal Engineering Company

·         6886 - Air Force Systems Engineering Assessment Model, Mr. Randy Bullard

·         7030 – Defining 100 Best Practices for SE, Mr. Ian Talbot, AAC/EN

·         7204 – Advancing Systems Engineering Practice within the Department of Defense: Overview of DoD’s Newest University Affiliated Research Center (UARC), Ms. Sharon Vannucci, ODUSD

·         7093 – Systems Engineering Performance Measures, Mr. Jim Miller



     Session 3A2

·         6937 - Systems Engineering for Testing in a Joint Mission Environment: Mr. Earl Reyes, OSD/JTEM

·         7209- Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC): Mr. Chip Ferguson, JMETC

·         7351 - End to End System Test Architecture: Dr. Masuma Ahmed, Lockheed Martin

     Session 3B2

·         7011 - Implementing a Methodology to Incorporate Operational Realism in CONOPS & Testing: Mr. William R. Lyders, ASSETT, Inc.

·         6928 - The Role of T&E in the Requirements Process for System of Systems: Mr. Walter C. Reel, Naval Surface Warfare Center - Dahlgren

·         7372 - Integrated T&E Process and Tools in the Joint High Speed Vessel Program: Mr. Stephen F. Randolph, Alion Science and Technology



     Session 3C2

·         6874 - Why CMMI Isn’t Enough: Ms. Anita Carleton, Software Engineering Institute

·         6888 - Value Engineering: Enhance DMSMS Solutions: Dr. Jay Mandelbaum, Institute for Defense Analysis

·         7761- Applying Business Process Modeling to Develop Systems Engineering Guidance for New DoD Acquisition Regulations: Dr. Judith Dahmann, OSD

     Session 3D2

·         7003 - How to Specify Applicable Documents: Mr. James R. van Gaasbeek, Northrop Grumman

·         7014 - Systems Engineering in the Science and Technology Environment – Best Practices and other Lessons Learned from the Air Force Research Laboratory: Mr. William P. Doyle, General Dynamics

·         7031-Lessons Learned Doing Systems Engineering Assessments on the Government: Mr. Ian Talbot, AAC/EN



     Session 3A3

·         7438 - The Incremental Commitment Model and Competitive Prototyping: Dr. Barry Boehm, USC

·         7070 - An Integrated, Knowledge-based Approach to Developing Weapon System Business Cases could Improve Acquisition Outcomes: Mr. Travis J. Masters, U.S. Government Accountability Office

·         7258 – Joint Service Safety Testing Study Phase II Final Presentation,  Ms. Paige V. Ripani, Booz Allen Hamilton

     Session 3B3

·         7340 - “Integrated Management Operating Model (iMOM)”, An E-2D Advanced Hawkeye SD&D Program Case Study: Mr. Douglas J. Shaffer, Northrop Grumman

·         7269- Closing the Gap Between Systems Engineering and Project Management: Mr. Robert W. Ferguson, Software Engineering Institute

·         7349- The Death of Rish Management: Mr. Michael P. Gaydar, Naval Air Systems Command

    Session 3C3

·         7095 - Evaluating Complex System Development Maturity- The Creation and Implementation of a System Readiness Level for Defense Acquisition Programs: Mr. Eric Forbes, Northrop Grumman

·         7023- Program Management of Concurrently Developed Complex Systems - Lessons Learned: Mr. Alexander Polack, The Aerospace Corporation

    Session 3D3

·         7385 - Enabling More Effective Weapons Systems Acquisition and Sustainment through an Enterprise Approach: Mr. John Stewart, Oracle

·         7462 - Applying the Tenets of Military Planning and Execution to Project and Systems Engineering Management: Mr. Philip Lindeman, SAIC

·         7479 - 360 Degree View of the Technology, Strategy and Business: Mr. Min-Gu Lee, Lockheed Martin




     Session 3B4

·         7211 - Defining a Generic Hazard Tracking Database for Future Programs: Mr. Jeff Walker, Booz Allen Hamilton

·         7215 - DoD Energy Demand: Addressing the Unintended Consequences: Mr. Thomas Morehouse, Booz Allen Hamilton

·         7258 - Joint Service Safety Testing Study: Ms. Paige Ripani, Booz Allen Hamilton

     Session 3C4

·         Update on Revisions to MIL-STD 882: Mr. Robert “Bob” Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton



    Session 3A5

·         7347 - Deployment of SysML in Tools and Architectures: an Industry Perspective: Mr. Rick Steiner, Raytheon

·         7073 - Standardized Documentation for Verification, Validation, and Accreditation — An Update to the Systems Engineering Community: Mr. Kevin Charlow, Space and Warfare Systems Center-Charleston

·         7052 - Architecture and Model Based Systems Engineering for Lean Results: Mr. Tim Olson, Lean Solutions Institute, Inc.

     Session 3B5

·         7026 - Rapid Assessment Approach Using Commander’s Intent to Identify Promising Force Structure Architectures for System Trade Studies:  Mr. David A. Blancett, Northrup Grumman

·         7082 - Domain Modeling: A Roadmap to Convergence: Mr. Nathaniel C. Horner, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

·         7364 - Predictive Modeling: Principles and Practice: Dr. Rick Hefner, Northrop Grumman

     Session 3C5

·         7144 - Systems Engineering Analysis of Threat Reduction Systems using a Collaborative Constructive Simulation Environment:  Dr. James E. Coolahan, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

·         7393 - Systems Engineering Approach to Total Vehicle Design and Integration: Mr. Walter J. Budd, BAE Systems

     Session 3D5

·         7228 - Total System Modeling: A System Engineering Application of the Higraph Formalism: Mr. Kevin Fogarty, SAIC

·         7077 - Near-field RCS and Fuze Modeling and Simulation:  Mr. David Hall, Survice Engineering Company

·         7174 - Virtual Battlespace Center for Systems Engineering: Mr. James Hollenbach, Simulation Strategies, Inc.



     Session 3A6

·         6954 - SOAs and Net-Centric Warfare-Similarities, Differences and Conflicts: Mr. James A. Mazzei, The Aerospace Corporation

·         7374 - Capitalizing in Migrating Web Service Environments:  Mr. Brian Eleazer, South Carolina Research Authority

     Session 3B6

·         6972 - A System Engineering Approach to Develop a Service-Oriented Perspective: Mr. Rob Byrd, SI International

·         7413 - Systems Engineering Approach for Assessing a Warfighter’s Cognitive Performance:  Mr. James Buxton, U.S. Army

     Session 3C6

·         7105 - Building Net-Ready Information Interoperability Performance Indicator Widgets For DoDAF 2.0 Dashboards: Mr. William B. Anderson, Software Engineering Institute

·         7088 - The Benefit of Collaboration: Integration between the DoDAF and Systems Engineering Communities: Mr. Tim Tritsch, Vitech Corporation

·         7337 - Modeling Cognition in the DoD Architecture Framework for Early Concept Development: Dr. John M. Colombi, Air Force Institute of Technology

·         7046 – Survivable Network Design Framework, Mr. Dennis Moen, Lockheed Martin

·         7377 – Joint Surface Warfare Joint Capability Technology Demonstration – Maturing Weapon Data Link Concepts into Operational Capability, Mr. Robert Finlayson, John Hopkins University



     Session 3A7

·         7047-Stop the Pain: Take Some Requirements Definition and Management for Project Success: Mr. Scott Derby, AVISTA Incorporated

·         7068-Daily Challenges in Requirements Engineering:  Mr. Frank J. Salvatore, High Performance Technologies, Inc.

·         7593- Correlation of Types of Requirements to Verification Methods: Dr. William G. Bail, The MITRE Corporation

     Session 3B7

·         7548- Mission Analysis and its Impact on SE Fundamentals:  Mr. John T. McDonald, Raytheon

·         7055- How to Write ‘Lean and Mean’ Requirements:  Mr. Tim Olson, Lean Solutions Institute, Inc.



     Session 3C7

·         7180-A Continuous Process View of Systems Engineering for the Sustainment Phase: Mr. Paul d. Ratke, OC - ALC

·         7183- Progress Toward the Development of a Reliability Investment Cost Estimating Relationship: Mr. Andy Long, LMI

·         7235- Future Combat Systems (FCS) Logistics Systems: Ms. Soo R. Yoon, Boeing

     Session 3D7

·         7390 - Systems Engineering of Deployed Systems: Mr. Robert K. Finlayson, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory

·         7383 - Extending Enterprise Systems for an Integrated Logistics Management Environment:  Mr. Mike Korzenowski, General Dynamics Land Systems

·         7455- The Seven Affordability Sins of Logistics System Integration:  Dr. Thomas E. Herald, Lockheed Martin



     Session 3A8

·         7114- Building the Next Generation of Software Engineers - Benchmarking Graduate Education:  Dr. Arthur Pyster, Stevens Institute of Technology

·         7135 - Improving Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Guidance for Weapons Systems with Substantial Software Content:  Mr. Christopher Miller, OUSD/SE/SSA

·         7232 - ASN (RD&A) Initiatives to Improve Integration of Software Engineering into Defense Acquisition Related Systems Engineering:  Dr. John F. Miller, The MITRE Corporation

     Session 3B8

·         7198- Software Reuse Readiness Levels: A Framework for Decision Making: Mr. Steven Wong, Northrop Grumman

·         7195 - Counting Software Size: Is it as easy as Busying a Gallon of Gas?: Ms. Lori Vaughan. Northrop Grumman


     Session 3C8

·         7136- Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method® (ATAM®) for System Architecture Evaluation: Mr. Michael Gagliardi, Software Engineering Institute

·         7243 - Method for Aligning Architecture Frameworks and System Requirements: Mr. Richard L. Eilers, IBM

     Session 3D8

·         7428- Adaptable Architecture for System of Systems: Mr. Bruce Schneider, Applied Physics Lab Johns Hopkins University

·         7285 - Universal Architecture Description Framework: Mr. Jeffrey O. Grady, JOG System Engineering

·         7109 - Applying Open Architecture Concepts to Mission and Ship Systems: Mr. John M. Green, Naval Postgraduate School

·         7273 - US Air Force Global Persistent Attack Architecture, Process, & Risk Analysis: Maj Jeffrey D. Havlicek, Air Force Center for Systems Engineering


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     Session 4A1

·         7697 - Enhancing Systems Engineering in the Department of Defense: Mr. Ceasar Sharper, ODUSD /SSE

·         7186 - Air Force Implementation of NRC “Pre-A SE” Study Committee Recommendations: Mr. Jeff Loren, AF/AQRE

·         7281-A Holistic Approach to System Development: Mr. Douglas T. Wong, NASA Johnson Space Center

     Session 4B1

·         7004 - Operational Concepts:  Mr. James R. van Gaasbeek, Northrop Grumman

·         7296 - The Dangers of Oversimplifying Availability: Dr. Jeffrey M. Harris, General Dynamics

·         7214-Developing and Maintaining the Technical Baseline:  Mr. Michael G. Ucchino, Air Force Institute of Technology

     Session 4C1

·         7289 - Process Tailoring Patterns and Frameworks for Accelerating Systems Engineering Processes: Mr. Larry J. Earnest, Northrop Grumman

·         7054 - Using Lean Principles and Process Models to Achieve Measurable Results: Mr. Tim Olson, Lean Solutions Institute, Inc.

·         7265- Rocket Motor Development Cycle Time - Business Process Review: Mr. Jose Gonzalez, OUSD/PSA/LW&M



      Session 4A2

·         7076 - Systems and Software Life Cycle Process Standards: Foundation for Integrated Systems and Software Engineering:  Ms. Teresa Doran, TECHSOFT

·         7111 - Improving Process Utilizations with Tools: Mr. Frank J. Salvatore, High Performance Technologies, Inc.

·         7179 - Integration of Systems and Software Engineering: Implications from Standards and Models Applied to DoDs’ Acquisition Programs: Mr. Donald Gantzer, ODUSD/SSE

     Session 4B2

·         7325 - Applying CMMI High Maturity Practices and Leveraging LEAN Six Sigma: Mrs. Ann Hennon, BAE Systems

·         7422 - NDIA CMMI Working Group: Status and Plans: Mr. Geoff Draper, Harris Corporation

·         7441 – Process Enrichment Boot Camp, Mr. Victor Elias, High Performance Technology, Inc

·         7446 – Best Practices Clearinghouse: Making Lessons Learned Come Alive and Be Practical, Mr. Forrest Shull, Fraunhofer Center, Maryland



     Session 4A5

·         6944 - Establishing the Need for Functional Analysis in Systems Development: Dr. Robert J. Monson, Lockheed Martin

·         6946 - Improving Systems Engineering Execution and Knowledge Management: Mr. Steven C. Head, Boeing

     Session 4B5

·         7094 - Development and Validation of a Systems Engineering Competency Model: Dr. Don Gelosh, SAIC

·         7098 - Accelerate Performance Improvements: Systems Engineering Skills Competency Analysis and Training Program Development: Mr. Steven A. Diebold, General Dynamics,

·         7130 - Concept Definiti- A Historical Perspective: Dr. David R. Jacques, Air Force Institute of Technology



     Session 4A6

·         7580 - Engineering Solutions for Fleet Readiness Centers utilizing an Avionics Rapid Action Team Innovation Cell:  Mr. Bill Birurakis, PIDESO

·         7447 - Prognostics as an Approach to Improve Mission Readiness and Availability: Mr. Sony Mathew, Center for Advance Life Cycle Engineering

·         7613 - Prognostics Based Health Assessment System Approaches: Mr. Ronald D. Newman, VSE Corporation

     Session 4B6

·         7520 - NDIA ID Electronic Prognostics (E-Prog) Task Follow-on Study to Quantify Weapon System Benefits: Mr. Paul Howard, Paul L. Howard Enterprises

·         7597 - Enterprise Health Management Emerging Technology Transition Enabling Plan: Mr. Chris H. Reisig, Boeing

                  LRU Prognostics Demonstration Video    MPEG Video RealPlayer



     Session 4A7

·         7481- Defining the Prognostics Health Management Enterprise Architecture: Mr. Ethan Xu, Raytheon

·         7131- Sustaining Systems Engineering - The A-10 Example: Dr. David R. Jacques, Air Force Institute of Technology

·         7188- Reliability Centered Maintenance Applied to the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter–Universal Principles that go beyond Equipment Maintenance: Ms. Nancy Regan, The Force, Inc.

     Session 4B7

·         7207- Sustainment Engineering versus Systems Engineering, Is There A Difference?: Ms. Karen B. Bausman, AF Center for Systems Engineering

·         7064- Reliability Growth Analysis of Mobile Gun System during PVT: Dr. Dmitry Tananko, GDLS



     Session 4A8

·         7401- Enabling Systems Engineering with an Integrated Approach to Knowledge Discovery and Architecture Framework:  Mr. Michael R. Collins, Advantage Development, Inc.

·         7453 - Open Architecture in Electronics Systems:  Mr. Bruce R. Bardell, BAE Systems

·         7069 - The Value of Architecture:  Mr. Frank J. Salvatore, High Performance Technology, Inc.

     Session 4B8

·         7365 - Enabling the Successful Transition from Architecture to Concept Design: Mr. Chris Ryder, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

·         7079 - The Benefits of Synergizing Naval Open Architecture Practices and Principles with Systems Engineering Processes: Mr. Mike Dettman, PEO C4I - NAVSEA

·         7029 - Concurrent Increment Sequencing and Synchronization with Design Structure Matrices in Software-Intensive System Development: Dr. Peter Hantos, The Aerospace Corporation

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