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9th Annual Science and Engineering Technology Conference/
DoD Technology Expo

15 - 17 April 2008

North Charleston, South Carolina




Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Preliminary Session: Opportunities for Collaboration

         FY 2008 PB Request for DoD S&T Program, Mr.Robert Baker, Deputy Director, Plans and Programs Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering

         The Advanced Systems & Concepts Portfolio of Opportunities, Mr. John Kubricky, DUSD(AS&C)

         The DoD T&E / S&T Program, Mr. Gerald Christeson, Defense Test Resource Management Center Deputy Program Manager Test & Evaluation/Science & Technology Program

         DoD Basic Research Program with a Focus on Academia, Dr. William S. Rees, Jr., Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Laboratories and Basic Sciences) Office of the Director Defense Research and Engineering

         Strategic Initiative on Innovation & Technology Transition, Ms. Kathleen Harger, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Innovation and Technology Transition



Keynote Address: Mr. Alan Shaffer, Principal Deputy Defense Research and Engineering


Session I: Development and Insertion of Innovative Technologies into Army Systems


         Recent Trends in the Army’s Common Test Support Facility, Mr. Terry Edwards, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), HQ Army Materiel Command, CIO-G6

         The Army Science and Technology Program, Dr. Thomas Killion, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology/Chief Scientist

         CERDEC Contributions to Army Battle Command Networking Efforts, Mr. David Jimenez, Director, Space & Terrestrial Communications Directorate

         Software Certification and Battle Command Interoperability Issues, BG Nick Justice, Program Executive Officer, PEO Command, Control, Communications Tactical

         Technology Transition and Insertion Evaluation, Mr. Brian Simmons, Director, US Army Evaluation Center


Assault Breaching System Technologies, Mr. Brian Almquist, Ocean Engineering & Marine Systems, Office of Naval Research

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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Session II: Development and Insertion of Innovative Technologies into Air Force Systems

         Overview of Air Force Science & Technology Program, Mr. Terry Jaggers, Deputy Assistant Secretary (Science, Technology and Engineering)

         Development and Insertion of Innovative Technologies Across the Lifecycle of a Weapon System, Brig Gen Janet Wolfenbarger, Brigadier General, USAF Director, Intelligence and Requirements Director, D&SWS AFSO21 Office

         Rapid Prototyping-Leapfrogging into Military Utility, Mr. Randall Walden, Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office (SAF/RCO)

         Industry Perspectives on Technology Insertion, Dr. David Whelen, Vice President & Deputy GM, Advanced Systems& Chief Scientist, Integrated Defense Systems, The Boeing Company

         Cyberspace: New Frontiers in Technology Insertion, Dr. John Bay, Chief Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate


Luncheon SpeakerThe Challenge of Transitioning Innovative Technology, Dr. Malcom O’Neill, PhD, NAE



Session III: Development and Insertion of Innovative Technologies into Naval Systems


         Technology Insertion: Fleet / Operating Forces, Ms. Charlene Rusnak, ONR Science Advisor to US Fleet Forces Command


Innovative Technology Insertion: Systems Command Panel


         Mr. James Sheehy, Chief Scientist / Technology Officer Human Systems, AIR-4.6T

         Mr. Brian Persons, Executive Director Naval Systems Engineering Directorate (SEA 05) & Corporate Chief Technology Officer

         Mr. Gary Wang, Code 73, SPAWAR Command Overview, SPAWAR S&T OPPORTUNITIES

         Mr. David Ungar, Director Program Engineering & Technology

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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Session IV: Manufacturing and Affordability of Innovative Technology

         The Need for Manufacturing Innovation and Readiness, Mr. Mark Gordon, Director, Defense Programs National Center For Advanced Technologies

         The Navy’s Mantech and Affordability Program, Mr. John Carney, Director, Navy ManTech

         The Air Force S&T Manufacturing Readiness Assessment, Mr. Jim Morgan, Manufacturing Technology Division

         Inserting Technology Incrementally, Mr. Daniel Zanini, LSI Deputy Program Manager, Future Combat Systems Senior Vice President, SAIC


Manufacturing Technology Industry Panel


Moderator: Mr. Gary Powell, OUSD(AT&L)


         Mr. Ed Morris, Director, Hardware and Manufacturing, Lockheed Martin Corporate Engineering and Technology

         Mr. Dale Iverson, Raytheon Missile Systems

         Mr. Jim Lorenz, Manager, Advanced Industrial Engineering

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