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52nd Annual Fuze Conference

"Smart Fuzing – Adding Intelligence to Fuzing Solutions"

13- 15 May 2008

Sparks, NV



TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2007 (Early R

Wednesday, 14 May 2008



Session II- General Session

         “DTRA Counter WMD Technologies Fuzing & Instrumentation Technology”, Dr. Robert Hastie, DTRA

         ARDEC Overview, COL Scott Flynn, Director, Enterprise & Systems Integration Center (ESIC)

         AMRDEC Overview, Mr. Gene Henderson

         Navy Overview, Mr. John Hendershot for Dr. Robert Gates, Technical Director NSWC Indian Head Division

         Air Force S&T Strategy, Mr. Tim Tobik, Chief Fuze Branch Munitions Directorate, Air Force Armament Laboratory

         Air Force Acquisition Strategy, Mr. Michael Campbell, 679th Armament Systems Squadron


Session III – General Session

         “Requirements For Joint EOD Approval of Ordnance And Weapon Systems”, Ms. Melissa Milani U.S. Ordnance Program Manager, NAVEODTECHDIV, Indian Head, MD

         Modular Advanced Fuze Interface Architecture (MAFIA), Dr. Jason R. Foley, Ph.D., Fuzes Branch, Munitions Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory


Session IIIA- Open Sessions

         New Changes to MIL-STD-331, Progressive Arming and Primary Explosive Component Safety Testing, Mr. Brian Will, NSWC Dahlgren, Guns and Ammunition Branch, Code G32

         A Robust One-Shot Switch for High Power Pulse Applications, Dr. Thomas Baginski, Auburn University

         Common Methodology for Calculating Fuze Reliability, Mr. Avi Nusimow, Eglin Air Force Base

         Hard Target Fuzing Solutions, Mr. Max Perrin, Thales, Munitonics & Microtechnics

         Signal Processing Means for Detecting and Discriminating Between Structural Configurations and Geological Gradients Encountered by Kinetic Energy Penetrating Projectiles, Mr. Ronald Lundgren, Applied Research Associates

         Excalibur XM982 and ERGM EX171 Fuze Safe and Arm Overview, Mr. Perry Salyers, L-3/KDI Precision Products, Inc

         SBF – Smart Barometric Fuze, Mr. Igal Tidhar, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

         Practical Aspects of MIL-DTL-23659 Appendix A Initiator Testing, Dr. Barry Neyer, PerkinsElmer Optoelectronics


Thursday, 15 May 2008



         Problems and Possibilities with Advances in Fuzing, Mr. Henrik Sjoblom, Saab Bofors Dynamics

         Electronic Fuze Device & ESA, Mr. Oran Zeldin, Israel Military Industries

         Electronic Fuzes’s Remote Setting System for Chambered Tank Ammunitions, Mr. Stephan Dietrich, General Dynamics, OTS-Canada

         Common Fuzing for HYDRA 70 Warheads, Mr. Robin Klein, Action Manufacturing Company

         Enhanced Portable Inductive Artillery Fuze Setter (EPIAFS) for Excalibur, Mr. Leonard Goodman, Adelphi Fuze Division

  • New Generation Artillery Proximity Sensor, Application to Naval Fuzes, Mr. Max Perrin, Thales Munitronics & Microtechnics

         Test Results and Alternate Packaging of a Damped PR MEMS Accelerometer, Mr. Robert Sill, Senior Scientist, PCB Piezotronics Inc.

         Alternate Architectures from PGK Derived Components, Mr. Chris Geswender, Raytheon Missiles


         Precision Guidance Kit for 155mm Artillery Projectiles, Mr. Peter Burke, U.S. Army and Tony Pergolizzi, AFMO

         Safe-Escape Analysis System Safety Engineering Study, Mr. David Hall, SURVICE Engineering Company

         Weapons Curvilinear Trajectory and Smart Fuze Calculations Suitable for Hard Target Defeat Modeling, Mr. Alexandre LeFrancois, DGA of French Ministry of Defense

         Fuze Survivability/MOUT Testing at AMRDEC/RTTC Rocket on a Rope (ROAR) Test Facility, Mr. Don Limbaugh, Dynetics, Inc

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and its Influence on Your Fuze Program, Ms. Missi Milani, U.S. Ordnance Program Manager, NAVEODTECHDIV, Indian Head, MD

         Fuze Safety in Accordance with STANAG as Basis for Modular and Universal Fuze Design, Mr. Karl Kautzsch, JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH

         Fuzing Timelines for Current and Future Air Launched Weapons, Mr. Frank Robbins, Kaman Fuzing

         GIF & the Electronic Test Fuze, Mr. Hamish Malin, NSWC Dahlgren

         A Development Platform for a Microchip EFI, Mr. Wim Prinse, TNO Defense Security and Safety

         Electrical Characterization of a Semi Conducting Bridge Initiator with and without Pyrotechnic Mixture, Mr. Richard Bouma, TNO Defense Security and Safety

         Replacing the M213 Detonator Explosives, Mr. Gartung Cheng, Picatinny Arsenal


Session VB – Open Session

         Novel Munitions Power Systems, Ms.Karen Amabile, U.S. Army ARDEC Fuze Division

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