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2008 Defense Industrial Base – Critical Infrastructure Protection Conference  (DIB-CBIP)

Miami, FL

7-9 April 2008




Tuesday, April 8

DOD Keynote Address- DOD Support to Preparedness & Response

Mr. Peter F. Verga, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs


Cyber Security and Information Assurance

Lieutenant General Robert J. Elder, USAF, Joint Functional Component Commander for Global Strike and Integration, U.S. Strategic Command


“The Business of Vulnerabilities- How Economics is Driving Cyber Threats to Infrastructure”

Mr. Aaron Turner, Cyber Security Strategist, Idaho National Laboratory


“Cyber Security Overview & Update…The State of U.S. Cyber Security” Mr. Richard Hale, Chief Information Assurance Executive, DISA


Panel- Cyber Security; Industry and Government Best Practices

Moderator: Mr. Rick Anderson, Deputy Director, Defense Industrial Base Cyber Security Task Force




Supply Chain/Response Management

Mr. John Rank, Vice President, Supply Chain, General Dynamics


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Wednesday, April 9


Intelligence & Threat Warning; Opportunities For Public/Private Partnerships

Mr. Ronald T. “Rudy” Guerin, Executive Vice President, Pamir Resources & Consulting, Inc.


Panel – Improving the Sharing and Reliability of Public and Private Threat and Hazard Information

Moderator: Mr. Steve Lines, Director, Information Assurance, SAIC

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