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24th International Symposium on BALLISTICS

New Orleans, LA

September 22-26, 2008

Conference Agenda




·         “IBC Presentation 2008”, Bo Janzon, IBC Chairman, SECRAB, Sweden

·         “GS009 A Brief History of Shaped Charges”, William Walters, USA

·         “GS104 Numerical Simulation of Muzzle Exit and Separation Process for Sabot-Guided Projectiles at M > 1”, Jorn van Keuk, Germany; Arno Klomfass, Germany



·         TB068 Performance and Production of Jacketed Penetrators having Different Jacket Thickness”, B.J. van der Meer, The Netherlands; Mark Dijkstra, The Netherlands; Erik Carton, The Netherlands

·         “TB227 Loading Mechanisms on a Target from Detonation of a Buried Charge”, Leslie Taylor, USA; William Fourney, USA; Ulrich Leiste, USA; Bryan Cheesman, USA

·         “TB167 Predicting the Onset of Lateral Instability of Long Rod Penetrators in a Particulate Target”, Melissa Hankins, USA; S. E. Jones, USA; Karen L. Torres, USA

·         “TB135 A Comparative Study of Penetration Codes for Brittle Materials”, Sikhanda Satapathy, USA; Anthony Dawson, USA; Gregory Rodin, USA

·         TB200 Radial Jet Dispersion Due to Current Interaction in an Electric Armour Application”, Patrik Lundberg, Sweden; Patrik Appelgren, Sweden; Melker Skoglund, Sweden; Lars Westerling, Sweden; Tomas Hurtig, Sweden; Anders Larsson, Sweden



·         “WM056 Munitions Effects: A Schematic Overview of Munitions and Warheads, Trends for the Future”, Andre Diederen, The Netherlands

·         “WM097 Initiation Controlled Multimode Warheads”, Thomas Falter, Germany

·         “WM203 Combined Effects Aluminized Explosives”, Ernest Baker, USA; Leonard Stiel, USA; Christos Capellos, USA; Wendy Balas, USA; Jack Pincay, USA

·         “WM134 Multiple Effects Warheads for Defeat of Urban Structures and Armour”, Anthony Whelan, UK

·         “WM161 Development of the NLOS-LS PAM Warhead”, Melissa Hobbs, USA; Christopher English, USA; David Hunter, USA; Jim Strom, USA; William Zarr, USA



·         “EB113 Range Extension of Gun-Launched Smart Munitions”, Frank Fresconi, USA

·         “EB166 Numerical Prediction of Magnus of Spin-Stabilized Projectiles”, James DeSpirito, USA; Sidra Silton, USA

·         “EB206 Mine Countermeasure Dart Dispense Modeling & Simulation”, Gary Prybyla, USA; Michael Dean Neaves, USA; Kevin Losser, USA; James Baltar, USA; William Dietz, USA

·         “ EB178 Trajectory Deflection of Fin- and Spin-Stabilized Projectiles using Paired Lateral Impulses”, Pierre Wey, France; Daniel Corriveau, Canada

·         “LD011 Numerical Analysis of Bi-Metallic Explosive Shock-Loading and Release Experiments”, Geremy Kleiser, USA; Brian Plunkett, USA; Lalit Chhabildas, USA

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·         “APP032 Assessment and Measurement of Potential Blunt Trauma Under Ballistic Helmets”, Celia Watson, UK; Annette Webb, Australia; Ian Horsfall, UK

·         “APP171 Ballistic Performance Assessment of Lightweight Body Armour Material Systems Against IED Threat”, Gilles Pageau, Canada; Kevin Williams, Canada; Daniel Bourget, Canada; Ming Cheng, Canada; Clint Hedge, Canada; Benoit Anctil, Canada

·         “APP001 Experimental Validation of the Origin of the Bodywork Effect (K-Effect) in the Up-Armouring of Civil and Military Vehicles”, Frederik Coghe, Belgium; Bernard Kestelyn, Belgium; Marc Pirlot, Belgium

·         “APP075 Half Scale Experiments with Rig for Measuring Structural Deformation and Impulse Transfer from Land Mines”, Björn Zakrisson, Sweden; Bo Johansson, Sweden; Bengt Wikman, Sweden

·         “APP062 A Computational Study of the Energy Dissipation through an Acrylic Target Impacted by Various Size FSP”, Costas Fountzoulas, USA; Peter Dehmer, USA; Jian Yu, USA; James Sands, USA



·         TB035 High Speed Penetration into Low Strength Concrete Target”, Vincent Luk, USA; James Dykes, USA; Joseph Bishop, USA; John Ludwigsen, USA; Douglas Dederman, USA; P. A. Taylor, USA

·         TB168 Fragment Penetration Modeling of Anthropometric Ballistic Mannequins”, William Bruchey, USA; Amy Tank, USA

·         “TB230 Effects of Small Caliber Ammunition Through Intermediate Barriers”, Jeremy Lucid, USA; Chris Gandy, USA

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·         “EB139 Numerical Computations of Dynamic Pitch-Damping Derivatives using Time-Accurate CFD Techniques”, Jubaraj Sahu, USA

·         “GS137 Consideration of the Ignition Delay of Gun Propellants”, Clive Woodley, UK; Michael Taylor, UK; Steve Fuller, UK; Steve Gilbert, UK; Joseph Gransden, UK

·         GS232 U.S. Army Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Vulnerability Test & Evaluation Methodology”, Stephanie Koch, USA

·         The Effect of Velocity on Jacketed Rod Efficiency”, Brad Pederson, Stephan Bless, Robert Fromm



·         “WM085 The Appendix”, Eitan Hirsch, Israel; Meir Mayseless, Israel

·         “WM256 Behind Armour Effects at Shaped Charge Attacks”, Manfred Held, Germany

·          “WM016 Warhead Filling and Casing Interactions Affect the Blast Field Performance”, Paul Locking, UK; Dennis Flynn, UK; J. Dunnett, UK

·         “WM234 Reaction of Metal Fragments from Cased Explosive Charges”, Laura Donahue, Canada; Robert Ripley, Canada; Jeff Leadbetter, Canada; Yasuyuki Horie, USA; Fan Zhang, Canada



·         IB098 Numerical Simulation of Projectile Acceleration Process Using Solid/Gas Two-Phase Reacting Flow Model”, Hiroaki Miura, Japan; Akiko Matsuo, Japan; Yuichi Nakamura, Japan

·         “IB015 Two-Dimensional Modelling of Modular Charge Gun Firings”, Clive Woodley, UK; Steve Fuller, UK

·         LD027 Launch Dynamics Environment of a Water Piercing Missile Launcher”, Jon Yagla, USA; John Busic, USA; Samuel Koski, USA; Chris Weiland, USA

·         “LD065 Experiments with Gun Launched Penetrators into Gelatin Target Materials”, John Stubberfield, UK; Nicholas Lynch, UK; Clive Woodley, UK; Alan Hepper, UK



·         “WB053 The Validation of a Thoracic and Abdominal Test Rig for BABT Soft Body Armour Testing”, Kate Hewins, UK; Ian Horsfall, UK; Celia Watson, UK

·         “WB242 Survivability Measures for Evaluation of Personnel in Military Systems”, Natalie Eberius, USA; Patricia Frounfelker, USA; Kelly Benjamin, USA

·         “WB144 Diagnostic Techniques for Multiphase Blast Fields”, Richard Ames, USA; Michael Murphy, USA

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·         “GS023 Predicting Hazard Response Scenarios in Weapon Systems”, Ian Cullis, UK; I.H. Brown, UK; P.D. Church, UK; P. Gould, UK; V.E. Ingamells, UK

·         “GS130 Experimental Validation of a Kevlar Fabric Model for Ballistic Impact”, Chian Yen, USA; Tusit Weerasooriya, USA; Paul Moy, USA; Brian Scott, USA; Bryan Cheeseman, USA

·         “GS205 Shaped Charge Penetration of Gas Saturated Sandstone”, Brenden Grove, USA; Jeremy Harvey, USA



·         “TB025 Penetration Resistance of Glass and a Glass Ceramic”, Stephan Bless, USA; Don Berry, USA

·         “TB111 Long-Rod Penetration into Intact and Pre-Damaged SiC Ceramic”, Charles Anderson, USA; Thilo Behner, Germany; Dennis Orphal, USA; Arthur Nicholls, USA; Timothy Holmquist, USA; Matthias Wickert, Germany

·         “TB058 The Shock Response Of a Cemented Tungsten Carbide”, Koen Herlaar, The Netherlands; Andre Diederen, The Netherlands; Gareth Appleby-Thomas, UK; Paul J Hazell, UK

·         “TB038 GRC’s Impact Behavior”, Alejandro Enfedaque Diaz, Spain; David Cendón Franco, Spain; Francisco Gálvez Díaz-Rubio, Spain; Vicente Sánchez Gálvez, Spain

·         “TB248 The Mechanics of Projectile Arrest for Compliant Cross Plied Unidirectional Laminates”, Brian Scott, USA; Bryan Cheeseman, USA

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