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Pacific Operational Science & Technology Conference

14 – 17 July 2008

Honolulu, HI




TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2007 (Early R



MONDAY, 14 JULY 2008




Commander’s Priorities & Challenges


Commander Overview:

         Lt Gen Douglas Fraser, USAF, Deputy Commander, USPACOM


Issues around the Asia-Pacific Region

         Singapore: Mr. Kong Pheng SOH, Chief Executive, Defence Science and Technology Agency

         Australia: Dr. D. Nandagopal, Deputy Chief Defence Scientist for Policy and Programs, Defence Science and Technology Organisation

         Japan: Mr. Yasuhisa Ishizuka, Director of Plans, Technical Research and Development Institute

1.        Technical Research and Development Institute video .wma format

         Korea: Dr. C. K. Park, President, Agency for Defense Development

         India: Dr W Selvamurthy, Distinguished Scientist and Chief Controller (R&D), Defence Research and Development Organisation

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4.        CFF 05 Feb 05 .mpg format

5.        CFF .wmv format

6.        debel 4 .avi format

7.        dfrl 3 .avi format

8.        dipas2 .avi format

9.        dipas (LCA) .avi format

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14.     parachutes .avi format


Vision and Future Opportunities

         The Honorable Dr. Jacques Gansler, former Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition, Technology & Logistics, Office of the Secretary of Defense


PACOM Walk-in Loop


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Homeland Security Perspective

         The Honorable Jay M. Cohen, Under Secretary for Science and Technology, Department of Homeland Security

1.      Amphibious Alaska Prototype .wmv format

2.       CHLOE 4 . mpg format

3.       House Shield .mpg format

4.       Levee Sound Scenario 2 .wmv format

5.       Quick Cover Sequence .mpg format


HQ USPACOM Senior Leader Perspectives

         USPACOM J3, RADM Charles Martoglio, USN, USPACOM Director of Operations


LISTEN UP! Warfighter’s Perspective

         CMSgt James Roy, USAF, PACOM Senior Enlisted Leader


USPACOM Service Components & Sub-Unified Command Perspectives

         PACAF: Lt Gen Loyd Utterback, USAF, Commander, 13th Air Force

         USPACFLT: RDML Thomas Copeman, USN, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Training and Readiness, U.S. Pacific Fleet


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Office of the Secretary of Defense

         Dr. Charles Perkins, Principal Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Advanced Systems and Concepts

         Mr. Donald Loren, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Homeland Security Integration


U.S. Joint Forces Command Perspective

         LTG John Wood, USA, Deputy Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command, “The Art and Science of Joint Warfighting”


Commanding Officers’ Perspectives – Services S&T

         MG Fred Robinson, USA, Commanding General, U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM)

         RADM William Landay, USN, Chief of Naval Research

         Maj Gen Curtis Bedke, USAF, Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory

1.      PnPSat .avi format

2.      Reusable Spacelift .mpeg format


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tony Tether, Director, DARPA

1.       The DARPA Legacy 50th Anniversary .wmv format

2.       Autonomous Air Refueling .mpeg format

3.       AARD Plug .wmv format

4.       Monkey 39 .avi format

5.       Bionic Arm 42 .wmv format


Other Agency Perspectives

         Dr. Dana Christensen, Associate Lab Director, Energy & Engineering Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

         Dr. Peter Nanos, Associate Director of Research Defense Threat Reduction Agency

         COL Kathleen Hithe, USAF, Deputy Director, Coalition Warfare Program, OUSD (AT&L)/International Cooperation


Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Dr. Richard Van Atta, Institute for Defense Analyses


         Ms. Ellen Purdy, Director, Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise, Office of the Secretary of Defense

1.       Ground Robotics Update – Congressional Robotics Caucus

2.       The Role of Robots in National Security

a.       BEAR .mpg format

b.       Big Dog .mpg format

c.       Chaos .wmv format

d.       Crusher .wmv format

e.       CMU Dec Test .wmv format

f.        SAIR Robotic Snake .wmv format

g.       Snakebot .mpeg format


         Dr. Leo Volfson, Chief Executive Officer, Torrey Pines Logic

1.      Yuma Mirage .avi format


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