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Joint Project Manager (JPM) Chemical Biological Individual and Collective Protection Industry Day

22 July 2008

Baltimore, MD




Joint Science and Technology Office Filtration Initiatives

Mr. Chris Karwacki, JSTO


IP & ColPro Filtration Capability Gaps

Ms. Christine Crabill, JPEO-CBD


Reducing the Logistics Burden for IP and ColPro

Mr. Bob Wattenbarger, JPM IP and Mr. Dustin T. Green, Logistics Manager, JPMO-Collective Protection

Test and Evaluation Methodologies

Ms. Amy Maxwell, JPM-ColPro

Dr. Tom Sutto, JMP IP


JPM-ColPro Product Directors

Mr. Nicholas Yura, JPM-ColPro


JPM-IP Filtration Initiatives

Dr. Karen McGrady, JPM-IP


Doing Business with the Government

Mr. Rich Alves, Army RDECOM Acquisition Center, Natick Contracting Division


Joint Chemical Ensemble

Mr. Lowry Brooks, JPM-IP

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