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2008 Biometric Advanced Planning Brief to Industry (APBI)

February 28, 2008









Mr. Tom Giboney, Futures Branch, Biometric Task Force (BTF)


BTF Command Brief

Dr. Myra S. Gray, Director, BTF



Ms. Virginia Wiggins, Technical Integration Division, BTF


Biometric Identity Management

Mr. Shawn Elliott, Futures Branch, BTF



Mr. Benji Hutchinson, BTF


Tomorrow’s Technologies

Ms. Lisa Swan, Chief, Strategy Division, BTF


Biometrics Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)

Mr. Greg Alexander, BTF


Army Initiatives & Family of Systems

COL Ted Jennings, USA, PM-Biometrics


DoD and Intelligence Community

Mr. Jeff Dunn, Technical Director, BTF


Marine Corps Initiatives

Maj William Coffey, USMC, BTF


Navy Initiatives

Ms. Anh Duong,  USN Biometrics Lead, CNO



Lt Col Shay Carnes, USAF



Lt Col Ken Ohlson, USAF


Navy Identity Management

CAPT John Boyd, Boyd, PM, Naval Information Sharing –People (NIS-P) USN



Mr. Rick Newbold, Futures Branch, BTF



Mr. Tom Cantwell, Forensics, BTF


Wrap Up

Mr. Bill Vickers, Dir, Biometrics Integration Directorate, BTF



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