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Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC)
Advanced Planning Briefing To Industry (APBI)

"Equipping The Warfighter To Win..Strategy For The Long War"

13 - 14 May 2008

Baltimore, MD


Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Keynote Address: "Challenges for Industry.What the USMC Needs from our Partners in Industry"

Overview and Strategic Vision for the MCSC

Emerging Requirements/ Capabilities and Future Needs of the Corps

PEO Land Systems Overview

Panel: Information Systems & Infrastructure (ISI)
Introduction: Colonel Ed Daniel, USMC, Acting Product Group Director, PG 10
Panel Members:

Panel: Communications, Intelligence and Networking Systems (CINS)
Introduction: Mr. Gregory Pardo, Acting Product Group Director, PG 12
Panel Memebers:

Panel: MAGTF C2 Weapons & Sensors Development & Integration (MC2I)
Introduction: Mr. Thomas Irwin, Product Group Director, PG 11
Panel Memebers:

Panel: Ground Transportation & Engineer Systems
Introduction: Mr. Gordon Taylor, Product Group Director, PG 15
Panel Memebers:



Wednesday, 14 May 2008



Keynote Address - Navy,

Keynote Address "Marine Corps Needs and Resources"

"Interoperability, Systems Engineering"

Panel: Armor & Fire Support Systems Product Group (AFSS)
Introduction: Mr. Robert Williams, Product Group Director, PG 14
Panel Memebers:

Panel: Infantry Weapons Systems Product Group
Introduction: Lieutenant Colonel Scott Huelse, USMC, Acting Product Group Director, PG 13
Panel Memebers:

Panel: Combat Equipment & Support Systems Product Group (CESS)
Introduction: Colonel Edward Smith, USMC, Product Group Director, PG 16
Panel Memebers:

Panel: Independent Program Managers
Introduction: Colonel Frank Kelley, Program Manager

Mr. Jim Shields, Light Weight 155 (PEO LS)

"The Road Ahead.The Long War", Mr. Barry Dillon, Executive Director, Marine Corps Systems Command