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10th Annual Systems Engineering Conference

Focusing on Improving Performance of Defense Systems Programs


San Diego, CA

22-25 October 2007


Table of Contents



Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Keynote Addresses:

         Hon James Finley, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition and Technology

         Hon Charles McQueary, Director, Operational Test and Evaluation


Plenary Session: Executive Panel:

         Mr. Mark Schaeffer, Director, Office of Under Secretary of Defense of Acquisition, Technology and Logistics; Director, Systems and Software Engineering



         Mr. Terry Jaggers, SAF/AQR – Science, Technology, and Engineering

         Mr. Carl Siel, Chief Engineer, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research, Development and Acquisition

         Mr. Doug Wiltsie, HQDA, OASA (ALT)



Track 1

         “Update: OSD Systems Engineering Revitalization Efforts,” Col Richard Hoeferkamp, USAF

         “The Effectiveness of Systems Engineering: On Federal (DoD) System Development Programs”, Mr. Al Mink, SRA International

         “Tools and Resources to Enable Systems Engineering Improvement,” Mr. Michael Kutch, SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston

         “Sound Systems Engineering Assures Proper/Early Producibility”, Dr. Thomas Christian, Aeronautical Systems Center

         “Realization of Systems Engineering For the Future”, Ms. Karen Bausman, AF Center for Systems Engineering


Track 2

         “Developmental Test & Evaluation Policy Vectors”, Ms. Darlene Mosser-Kerner OUSD (AT&L)

         “Test Strategy Done Early Drives Test Planning and Successful Testing”, Mr. William Lyders, ASSETT, Inc.

         “Applying Design of Experiments Methodology to Sortie Generation Rate Evaluation”, Mr. Joseph Tribble, AVW “Implementing a Systems Engineering Risk Program in a Sustainment Environment”, Mr. James Miller, USAF

         “Joint Safety Review Process Study”, Ms. Paige Ripini, Booz Allen Hamilton


Track 3

         “DoD Systemic Root Cause Analysis”, Mr. Dave Castellano, OUSD (AT&L)

         “Applying Systems Engineering During Pre-Acquisition Activities”, Lt Col Mark Wilson, USAF

         “Reforming the DoD Acquisition Process—A Systems Engineering Approach”, Mr. Stephan Ward, U.S. Air Force

         “The Effectiveness of Systems Engineering: On Federal System Development Programs”, Mr. Alan Mink, SRA International


Track 4

         “Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH)—Design Considerations to Support Sustainability and Readiness”, Ms. Patricia Huheey, ODUSD (I&E)

         “Real-Time Diagnostics for High Availability Systems”, Mr. Edward Beck, Computer Sciences Corporation

         “Sparing Satellites Comparative Strategies of On-orbit & In-factory Storage”, Mr. James Mazzei, The Aerospace Corporation


Track 5

         “Acquisition M&S Master Plan Implementation Status”, Mr. Michael Truelove, SAIC

         “Establish M&S-Related Guidelines for Solicitations, Source Selections, and Contracting”, Mr. Michael Truelove, SAIC

         “Modeling and Simulation Resource Reuse Business Model”, Mr. Dennis Shea, Center for Naval Analyses

         “Modeling and Simulation Support Plan”, Mr. David Henry, Lockheed Martin

         “Modeling and Simulation Education for the Acquisition/T&E Workforce: Requirements Analysis”, Mr. David Olwell, NPS


Track 6

         “The Use of Enterprise Architecture to Support the Development of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)”, Mr. David Synder, The MITRE Corp.

         “Complex Systems of Systems: The Dual Challenge”, Mr. Phillip Boxer, Software Engineering Institute

         “Systems Engineering in the Cognitive and Social Domains of Net Centric Operations”, Dr. Abe Meilich, Lockheed Martin


Track 7

         “Simplifying & Scaling Engineering Processes: Unifying Business Units and Engineering Disciplines”, Mr. Raymond Jorgensen, Rockwell Collins

         “NAVAIR Systems Engineering Revitalization”, Mr. Michael Gaydar, Department of Navy, NAVAIR

         “Integrating Engineering Project Management and Product Development Processes”, Mr. Raymond Jorgensen, Rockwell Collins

         “Engineering for System Assurance—Legacy, Life Cycle, Leadership”, Mr. Paul Croll, Computer Sciences Corporation


Track 8

         “DoD Software Engineering and System Assurance”, Ms. Kristen Baldwin, ODUSD (A&T) Systems and Software Engineering

         “The Integrated Software and Systems Engineering Curriculum Project: Creating a Reference Curriculum for Graduate Software Engineering Education”, Ms. Kristen Baldwin, ODUSD (A&T) Systems and Software

         “Requirements for a Chief Software Engineer in a DoD Acquisition Agency”, Mr. Al Florence, The MITRE Corporation

         “Developing an Integrated Process Methodology for Interim Software Releases”, Mr. Tim Woods, Southern Methodist University

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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Track 1

         “Change Management of UML-Based Systems Engineering Artefacts”, Mr. David Price, Eurostep

         “A Day in the Life of a Verification Requirement”, Mr. Stephen Scukanec, Northrop Grumman Corporation

         “How to Measurably Improve Your Requirements”, Mr. Timothy Olson, Lean, Solutions Institute, Inc.

         “Case Studies: A Common Language Between Engineers and Managers”, Capt DeWitt Latimer, USAF

         “A Strategy for Improved System Assurance”, Ms. Kristen Baldwin, ODUSD (A&T) SSE/SSA

         “Discussion of the U.S. Army RDECOM APS Objective Trade Study”, Mr. Frank Salvatore, High Performance Technologies, Inc.

         “Program Support Review Deep Dive”, Mr. Peter Nolte, OUSD/SSE


Track 2

         “An Update on the DT&E Committee’s Recommended Policy Changes to DoD 5000”, Col Richard Stuckey, USAF,OUSD (AT&L)/SSE/ DT&E

         “System Test and Evaluation in the DARPA Immune Building Demonstration Program”, Mr. Mark Saxon, Battelle

         “ Modeling and Simulation in the Navy Warfare Systems Test & Evaluation Enterprise”, Ms. Shala Malone, Navy Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare

         “Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC)”, Mr. Richard Lockhart, Test Resource Management Center

         “Testing Concept of Operations in DoD’s Net Centric Environment”, Mr. Steve Reeder, South Carolina

         Research Authority (SCRA

         “Do it right, do it early; Do it early, do it right”—Considerations for the Early Stages of Concept, System, and Systems of-Systems Definition”, Mr. Jeff Loren, MTC Technologies, Inc. (SAF/AQRE)

         “Applications of Systems Engineering to Pre-Milestone A Projects”, Ms. Lori Zipes, Naval Surface Warfare Center PC

         “Systems Engineering in a Systems of Systems Environment - Defense Update”, Ms. Kristen Baldwin, ODUSD (A&T) SSE/SSA

         “ASW System-of-Systems Engineering Analysis Applied in an LCS ASW Integration Pilot Project”, Mr. G. Richard Thompson, JHU/APL



Track 3

         “Systems Engineering Plan Preparation Guide Update”, Mr. Chester Bracuto, OSD/AT&L/A&T/SSE/ED

         “ Toward a Unified Systems Engineering Plan”, Mr. Robert Scheurer, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

         “Integrating Risk & Knowledge Management”, Mr. David Lengyel, NASA

         “Systems Engineering and Program Management—How Different are They?”, Ms. Lori Zipes, Naval Surface Warfare Center PC

         “Systems Engineering Analysis to Improve Concept Development of Complex Defense Systems”, Mr. Michael Harper, SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston

         “ The Joint Partnership Between Program Management and Systems Engineering”, Mr. Samuel Son, The Boeing Company

         “Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Approach to Solving Systemic Development Program Issues”, Mr. John Weaver, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

         “Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload (ASIP) Program Integrated Risk Management”, Mr. Danial Bolek, USAF

         “Improvements to the Risk Management Process”, Mr. Doug Atkinson, USAF

         “Integrated Risk and Earned Value Management”, Mr. Paul Davis, Northrop Grumman

         “Application of Risk Management Practices to NNSA Tritium Readiness Subprogram”,Mr. Sham Shete, Washington Savannah River Co.


Track 4

         “Defining Lean Service and Maintenance Processes”, Mr. Timothy Olson, Lean Solutions Institute, Inc.

         “Modeling Integrated Logistics Systems to Support Transformation in the U.S. Coast Guard”, Mr. Patrick Cumby, VectorCSP, L

         “Asset-Based PBL for Navy Warships – A Case Study for LCS Class Ships”, Mr. Michael Mahon, Lockheed Martin

         “Integrated Diagnostics Closed Loop Data System (At the Point of Use) (Support Systems Knowledge Engineering Enhances Traditional Support Equipment Systems Engineering),” Mr. Steven Head, Boeing

         “Aging Aircraft Sustainment with Non-Standard Engineering”, Ms. Kendal Hinton, Georgia Tech Research Institute

         “Maintaining System Viability for the Long Term”, Mr. Peter Henry, BAE Systems Land and Armament

         “C-17 Program Applies Systems Engineering to a Large Improvement Project”, Mr. Brent Theodore, The Boeing Company


Track 5

         “Advancing the FEDEP for Simulation Based Acquisition”, Dr. Katherine Morse, SAIC

         “Acquisition M&S Community Sponsored M&S Project: Standardized Documentation for Verification, Validation, and Accreditation”, Mr. Kevin Charlow, (paper) (slides) Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Charleston

         “A Methodology for Assessing & Prioritizing the Risks Associated with the Level of Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) of Models and Simulations”, Dr. James Elele, U.S. Navy

         “Experiences in Applying SysML to Develop Interoperable Torpedo Modeling and Simulation Components”, Mr. Thomas Haley, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

         “Unifying Systems Engineering Simulations”, Mr. Ryan O’Grady, Cybernet Systems Corporation

         “Information Modeling for Systems Integration”, Ms. Claudia Rose, BBII

         Simulation Supported Decision Making”, (slides1) (slides 2) Mr. Gene Allen, MSC Software Corporation


Track 6

         “Achieving Agility in Cyberspace”, Mr. Phillip Boxer, Software Engineering Institute

         “Application of Autonomic Agents for Global Information Grid”, Mr. David Cox, University of Arizona

         “Architecture-Based Concept Evaluation in Support of JCIDS”, Dr. David Jacques, Air Force Institute of Technology

         “System of Systems Implications for Operational Test”, Dr. John Colombi, Air Force Institute of Technology

         “Case Study: Net Centric Mission Thread Modeling and Analysis”, Dr. Prem Jain, MITRE

         “Quantitative Comparison of Alternative Designs for a JC3M System”, Mr. Gregory Miller, Naval Postgraduate School

         “Advanced Net Centric Simulation for Aerospace Command and Control”, Ms. Kimberly Kendall, 753d ELSG/NEM, ESC, USAF


Track 7

         “CMMI—Next Steps”, Ms. Kristen Baldwin, ODUSD (A&T) SSE/SSA

         “CMMI Instructional Challenges to Systems Engineers in Small Settings”, Dr. Mary Anne Herndon, Transdyne Corporation
“FISMA Operational Controls and Their Relationship to Process Maturity”, Ms. Rhonda Henning, Harris Corporation

         “Executing a Successful CMMI Maturity Level 3 SCAMPI For SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston”, Mr. Michael Kutch, SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston

         “CMMI for Services: Re-Introducing the CMMI for Services Constellation”, Mr. Craig Hollenbach, Northrop Grumman Corporation

         “How to Paint a Room: The Role of Specs & Standards in SE”, Mr. Robert Kuhnen, USAF

         “Continuous Improvement at the Organization, Team, and Individual Levels —Lessons Learned Integrating CMM,TSP, and PSP and Why All Three are Needed”, Mr. Girish Seshagiri, Advanced Information Services, Inc

         “Addressing Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Issues for the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle Program”, Ms. Jennifer Malone, EG&G

         “Anatomy of an Award Winning Safety Program: A Case Study of the SSGN OHIO Class Conversion Safety Program”, Mr. Ricky Milnarik, Electric Boat Corporation

         “The Safety of Unmanned Systems: The Process Used to Develop Safety Precepts for Unmanned Systems”, Mr. Mike Demmick, NOSSA


Track 8

         “Defining Software Component Specifications: An Open Approach”, Mr. Kenneth Klein, Computer Sciences Corporation

         “System Engineering and Software Exception Handling (SEH)”, Mr. Herbert Hecht, SoHaR Incorporated

         A Convergence of Technologies for Better Software NOW!”, Ms. Dorothy Acton, Lockheed Martin IS&GS

         “Identifying Acquisition Patterns of Failure Using System Archetypes”, Mr. William Novak, Software Engineering Institute

         “Revitalizing Education and Training in Systems Engineering”, Dr. Don Gelosh, Department of Defense, OSD(AT&L)/SSE/ED

         “Customer-Driven, Partnership-Based Systems Engineering Education and Training”, Mr. Jerrell Stracener, Southern Methodist University

         “Application of Systems Engineering Principles in the Design of Acquisition Workforce Curricula”, (paper) (slide) Dr. David Olwell, Naval Postgraduate School


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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Track 1

         “USAF Type Certification of Commercial Derivative Aircraft”, Mr. Thomas Morgan, USAF

         “Global Positioning System Case Study”, Mr. Randall Bullard, Air Force Center for Systems Engineering


Track 2

         “Implementing the Technology Maturity Vector”, Mr. Joseph Terlizzese, Systems Engineering Support Office

         “Technology Readiness Assessments; Milestone B Certification Requirement for Technologies to be Demonstrated in a Relevant Environment”, Dr. Jay Mandelbaum, Institute for Defense Analyses

         “Meeting Enterprise System Engineering Challenges for the U.S. Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)”, Mr. Jerry Friedman, The MITRE Corporation

         “Sensor Resource Allocation as a Driver in System Concept Development”, Mr. Ravi Moorthy, Lockheed Martin MS2


Track 3

         Managing Requirements to Manage Scope in the Case of MUOS”, Ms. Christy Howard, Maxim Systems, Inc.

         “Organizational Leadership and Management Dynamics for Technical Execution in Acquisition Programs”, Mr. Francis Sisti, Aerospace Corporation

         “C-17 Systems Engineering Process to Prioritize Material Improvement Program (MIP) Projects”, Mr. Thomas Condron, USAF (516 AESG/ASC)

         “How to Talk to a Program Manager”, Dr. John Mishler, Software Engineering Institute

         “U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Approach to Best Practices: Building Evidence for Practice Selection Based on Real Experiences”, Dr. Forrest Shull, Fraunhofer Center Maryland

Track 4

         “Strategic Focus: Reduction of Total Ownership Costs (R-TOC) and Value Engineering (VE)”, Dr. Danny Reed, Institute for Defense Analyses

         “Progress Toward an Empirical Relationships Between Reliability Investments and Life-Cycle Support Cost”, Dr. James Forbes, LMI

         “Innovation Strategies for Affordable Readiness”, Mr. Tom Choinski, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

         “Implementing a Systems Engineering Risk Program in a Sustainment Environment”, Mr. James Miller, USAF

         “Asset-Based PBL for Navy Warships – A case study for LCA Class Ships”, Mike Mahon

         “The Deployment Readiness Service: The Challenges of Implementing a Service Oriented Architecture in a Legacy System Environment”, Mr. George Dalton, USAF


Track 5

         “Aircraft Flight Simulator Acceptance Criteria”, Mr. Dean Carico, NAWCAD PAX

         “Computer Modeling to Solve Problems with the T-38 Propulsion Modernization Program”, Mr. Randall Wimer, USAF – FVB

         “Efficacy of Modeling & Simulation in Defense Life Cycle Engineering”, Mr. Donald Cox, Raytheon Missile Systems

         “Modeling Integrated Logistics Systems to Support Transformation in the U.S. Coast Guard”, Mr. Patrick Cumby, Vector CSP, LLC

         “Generic Sensor Model”, Dr. Stanley Hack, Lockheed Martin MS-2

         Event Timeline Analysis in Multi Mission Scenarios with System Simulation Models”, Mr. Ravi Moorthy, Lockheed Martin MS2


Track 6

         “Testing Concept of Operations in DoD’s Net Centric Environment”, Mr. Steve Reeder, South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA)

         “Agile Governance for SOA-Based Military Systems of Systems”, Mr. Robert Beck, Villanova University

         “Reducing Acquisition Costs Through Incremental Upgrades by Migrating to SOA”, Mr. Tim Greer, Lockheed Martin Corporation


Track 7

         “The DoD’s Proactive Approach to Emerging Contaminants: Managing Risks Today for Tomorrow’s Warfighter and Mission Readiness”, Dr. Carole LeBlanc, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

         “Safe-Escape Analysis System Safety Engineering Study”, (paper) (slide) Mr. David Hall, SURVICE Engineering Company


Track 8

         “Development of Systems Engineers in the Sensors & SONAR Systems Department”, Mr. Lawrence Lazar, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

         Systems Engineering and the Art of Seeing”, Dr. Robert Monson, Lockheed Martin Corporation

         “Understanding Social Networks-A Key Requirement for System Engineers”, Mr. Karl Selke, Systems Engineering Analyst, Evidence Based Research, Inc.

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