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8th Annual Science and Engineering Technology Conference/
DoD Technology Expo

17 - 19 April 2007

North Charleston, South Carolina




Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Preliminary Session: Opportunities for Collaboration

         FY 2008 President’s Budget Request for DoD S&T Program, Mr. Robert Baker, Deputy Director, Plans & Programs, ODDR&E

         Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) Program, Mr. John J. Kubricky, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Advanced Systems & Concepts

         T&E/S&T Program, Mr. Derrick Hinton, T&E/S&T Program Manager, Defense Test Resource Management Center

         DoD Basic Research Program with a Focus on Academia, Dr. William S. Rees, Jr., Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Laboratories and Basic Sciences

         International Collaboration, Dr. Tony Sinden, Counsellor for Defence Science & Technology, British Embassy


Session I: Air Force Space Systems for Transformation

  • Air Force Space Transformation, Brigadier General Ellen M. Pawlikowski, USAF, Command, Military Satellite Communications Systems Wing, USAF Space and Missile Systems Center
  • Responsive Space Technology, Dr. Robert Morris, USAF, Acting Chief Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate
  • Program Office Perspective on Transformational Space, Colonel Rich White, USAF, Director, Developmental Planning, USAF Space and Missile Systems Center
  • Industry View and Experience with Responsive Space, Mr. Stuart Linsky, Vice President, Satellite Communications, Northrop Grumman Space Technology
  • User Perspective on Space Transformation Issues, Captain Mark Olson, USN, Chief, ISR & Space Division, United States Strategic Command

Video Precision Air Drop Screamer

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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Session II: Integration of Naval Systems

  • The Systems Engineering View of Naval Warfighting Systems Development, Mr. Carl Siel, ASN (RDA) Chief Engineer
  • The Acquisition Perspective on Development of Naval Open Architectures, Captain James J. Shannon, USN, Program Manager for Naval Open Architecture (PEO IWS 7)
  • Industry Perspectives on Open Systems Architecture Development for Naval Weapons Systems, Mr. Robert Riche, Lockheed Martin
  • Open RF System Architectures, Dr. Bobby Junker, Office of Naval Research

Session III: Army Future Combat System (Brigade Combat Team) (FCS(BCT)) Program



1. Video NLOS-C

2. Video APS

2. Video 120 MCS Cannon

4. Video Common Chassis

5. Video C2V

6. Video AV Class I

7. Video AV Class IV

8. Video SUG V

9. Video Mule 2

10. Video TUGS

11. Video UUGS

12. Video NLOS-LS

13. Video MRM

14. Video NLOS-M

15. Video 07-042 Experiment


  • FCS Technology Insertion and Transition Panel

Panel Moderator: Dr. Thomas H. Killion, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology/Chief Scientist, HQ Department of the Army


Panel Members:

Mr. Paul Rogers, TARDEC

Mr. Joe Lannon, Director, ARDEC

Mr. John Miller, Director, ARL

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Thursday, 19 April 2007

Session IV: Globalization

         Overview of Global Adaptation of Technology, Mr. Alan Shaffer, Director Plans and Programs, ODDR&E

         US Industry Adaptation to Globalization, Dr. Raj Desai, IBM, Vice President, Global Aerospace and Defense

         Coalition Partners Adaptation to Globalization, Dr. Tony Lindsay, Counsellor, Defence Science, Australian Embassy

         Technical Workforce Issues, Mr. Edward Swallow, “Work Force Issues”, “Technical Workforce Issues”, Vice President, Strategic Capture & Campaigns, Northrop Grumman Information Technology


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