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Net Centric Operations Conference

“Achieving the Goals for the Net Centric Information Environment”

Norfolk, VA

5 - 8 March 2007




Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Keynote Speaker

“Achieving the Goals for the Net Centric Information Environment” Honorable John Grimes, DoD CIO/ASD (NII)


Keynote Speaker

“Net Centric Information Environment – Transcending Force Development” Ms Kristen Baldwin, Deputy Director, Software Engineering & System Assurance OUSD(AT&L)


Keynote Speaker

“Top Ten Emerging Technologies Drive Mission Performance” Dr. David F. McQueeney, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer – Federal, IBM Global Business Services



NCO Industry Panel: “Thoughts on Possible Net Centric Information Environment Near Capability



        “System of Systems Common Operating Environment (SOSCOE) Support to Net Centricity” Mr. Paul D. Schoen, Director, SOSCOE, FCS, Director, Integ SW& Prototypes, Advanced Systems

        “ A Case Study: Finnish Network Enable Defence, Iterative Development and Innovation using COTS and SOA” Dr. Lawrence Sellin, Business Solution Partner, Network Centric Operations, IBM Global Business Services

        “Information Brokers for Delivering Net Centric Capabilities” Mr. Hans W. Polzer, Fellow, Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems and Solutions

        “Net-Centric Information Environment Operational Capabilities and Challenges” Brigadier General Gary Salisbury, USAF, (Ret), Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, Defense Mission Systems Division, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

USD(P&R) Panel

“Global Force Management Data Initiative (GFM DI) Overview Briefing”


“Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS), A Net-Centric Model” Mr. Joseph J. Angello, Director, Readiness Programming and Assessment, OUSD (P&R)


USD(I) Panel



Keynote Speaker

“Achieving the Goals for the Net Centric Information Environment” Dr. Charles McQueary, Director DOT&E


DOT&E Panel: “Net Centric Process Solutions for the Joint Warfighter


Net Centric Operations” Mr. Jim Thompson, JT&E Program Manager



Thursday, 8 March 2007

Keynote Speaker:

“Net Centricity” Major General Marylin Quagliotti, USA, Vice Director, Defense Information Systems Agency

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