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2007 Land & Maritime Supply Chains Conference

“The Source Behind the Force…Extending the Enterprise, Connecting the Warfighter Demand With Supply, Delivering Supply Chain Excellence”

27-29 August 2007


Columbus, OH








Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Opening Remarks:


Mr. James M. McClaugherty, SES, Acting Commander, Defense Supply Center Columbus


“Extending the Enterprise….”, Rear Admiral Henry B. Tomlin, III, SC, USN



Breakout Sessions:


         Land Supply Chain

         Maritime Supply Chain

         Procurement Systems and Supplier Interfaces

         DLR – Depot Level Reparables (BRAC)

         DSCC Small Business Program/Sourcing Initiatives

         DoD EMALL Demonstration Overview

         Value Management

         Distribution Planning and Management System (DPMS)


         DFAS Your Financial Partner @ Work

         Electronic Capability Assessment Plan (eCAP)


Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Guest Speaker: “Excellence in Warfighting/Operational Revelance”, Major General Willie J. Williams, USMC



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