Conference Proceedings

Net Centric Operations Conference

"Achieving the Goals for the Net Centric Information Environment"

5 - 8 March 2007

Norfolk, VA



Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Keynote Speaker
"Achieving the Goals for the Net Centric Information Environment", Honorable John Grimes, DoD CIO/ASD (NII)

Keynote Speaker
"Net Centric Information Environment - Transcending Force Development", Ms Kristen Baldwin, Deputy Director, Software Engineering & System Assurance OUSD(AT&L)

Keynote Speaker
"Top Ten Emerging Technologies Drive Mission Performance", Dr. David F. McQueeney, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer - Federal, IBM Global Business Services

NCO Industry Panel: "Thoughts on Possible Net Centric Information Environment Near Capability Increments"

  • "System of Systems Common Operating Environment (SOSCOE) Support to Net Centricity", Mr. Paul D. Schoen, Director, SOSCOE, FCS, Director, Integ SW& Prototypes, Advanced Systems
  • "A Case Study: Finnish Network Enable Defence, Iterative Development and Innovation using COTS and SOA", Dr. Lawrence Sellin, Business Solution Partner, Network Centric Operations, IBM Global Business Services
  • "Information Brokers for Delivering Net Centric Capabilities", Mr. Hans W. Polzer, Fellow, Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems and Solutions
  • "Net-Centric Information Environment Operational Capabilities and Challenges", Brigadier General Gary Salisbury, USAF, (Ret), Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, Defense Mission Systems Division, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems


Wednesday, 7 March 2007

USD(P&R) Panel
"Global Force Management Data Initiative (GFM DI) Overview Briefing"

"Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS), A Net-Centric Model", Mr. Joseph J. Angello, Director, Readiness Programming and Assessment, OUSD (P&R)

USD(I) Panel

  • "OSD Perspective: DCGS Governance/Coordination", Colonel Robert Montgomery, Deputy Director (IA&E DUSD/MIP)
  • "Closing the Yap Gap Lessons on DCGS (and other's) SOA Implementations and Governance", Mr. Vince Snyder, BEA Corporation
  • "USN C4I Migration to a Service Oriented Architecture and Common Computing Environment; PMW-120/Distributed Common Ground System - Navy", Captain David (Rock) Madsen, USN, Deputy DCGS-N PM
  • "DCGS-Army: Challenges with Multiple SOA Approaches", Mr. Jeffrey Malapit, Support to PM DCGS-A, System of Systems Analytics, Inc
  • "Joint Training System Linkages to DRRS", Mr. Fred Hartman, Deputy Director, OSD Readiness & Training
  • "Moving Preparedness into a Net Centric Environment", Mr. Charles Stone, Program Integrator, National Preparedness System

Keynote Speaker
"Achieving the Goals for the Net Centric Information Environment", Dr. Charles McQueary, Director DOT&E

DOT&E Panel: "Net Centric Process Solutions for the Joint Warfighter"

"Net Centric Operations", Mr. Jim Thompson, JT&E Program Manager

  • "Joint Test and Evaluation Methodology (JTEM), JT&E Overview", Colonel Eileen Bjorkman, USAF, Test Director, Joint Test Evaluation Methodology
  • "Joint Command and Control For Net-Enabled Weapons", Colonel Richard Leibach, USAF, Test Director, Joint Command and Control of Net-Enabled Weapons
  • "Joint Mobile Network Operations, NDIA Introduction Brief", Colonel Edmund Mitchell, USMC, Deputy Joint Test Director, Joint Mobile Network Operations
  • "Net Centric Operations", Colonel Chris Daehnick, USAF, Test Director, Joint Space Control Operations
  • "Joint Command and Control for War on Terror Activities (JC2WTA), Joint Test and Evaluation Project", Captain Tom Wears, USN, Joint Test Director


Thursday, 8 March 2007

"Net Centricity", Major General Marylin Quagliotti, USA, Vice Director, Defense Information Systems Agency