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2007 Disruptive Technologies Conference

"Disruptive Technologies: Turning Lists into Capabilities"

4 - 5 September 2007

Washington, DC



Tuesday 4 September 2007

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Rich Engel, Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Science & Technology, National Intelligence Council

Lessons and Successes: Adapting Technology to Enhance the Warfighter
Evolving Joint Needs and Desired Joint Military Capabilities:
Moderator: Mr. Mike Knollmann, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Joint & Coalition Operations Support)

Panel 1: Industry's Disruptive Technologies

  • "Weaponizing the Spectrum", Mr. Kalle Konston, Alion Science & Technology
  • "Self-Powered Autonomous Next Generation Chem-Bio Sensors", Dr. Richard Waters, SPAWAR Systems Center
  • "Robots: Changing the Way We Fight and Live", VADM Joseph Dyer, USN (Ret), iRobot Corp.

Panel 2: The Need for Blue Force Disruptive Technologies

  • "Informatics as the Next Engine of Innovation", Dr. Zachary Lemnios, Chief Technology Officer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • "Perspectives on Disruptive Technology", Dr. Frank H. Akers, Junior Chairman, Army Science Board and Associate Laboratory Director for National Security, Oak Ridge National Lab
  • "Science & Technology for Naval Warfare, 2015-2020" Dr. Mark Lister, Member, Naval Research Advisory Council


Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Panel 3: Technology Challenges: Ultra Hard Problems

  • "Predictive Human Behavior", CDR Sean Biggerstaff, USN Assistant Director, Human Systems, Office of the Director, Defense Research & Engineering
  • "Stand-off Biometric Identification", Mr. Thomas Dee, Director, Biometrics, Rapid Reaction Technology Office, Office of the Director, Defense Research & Engineering

Panel 4: Disruptive Technology: Happenings and Prospects

  • "Disruptive Sensor & Electronic Technologies for Land Operations", Dr. John Pellegrino, Director for Sensors and Electron Devices, Army Research Laboratory
  • "Propulsion/Hypersonic Technologies", Dr. William Borger, Director, Air Force Research Laboratory/ Propulsion Directorate
  • "Naval Innovation & Disruptive Technology", Dr. Lawrence C. Schuette, Director of Innovation, Office of Naval Research
  • "Training and Mission Rehearsal", Mr. Frank DiGiovanni, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel & Readiness