Conference Proceedings

Armaments Technology Seminar & Exhibition

"Joint Munitions and Lethality Life Cycle Management Command"

11-13 June 2007

Parsippany, NJ



Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Welcome Address & JM&L LCMC Brief - BG William N. Phillips, USA, Commanding General, Picatinny Arsenal, Program Executive Officer

ARDEC Technology Overview - Mr. Patrick Serao, Senior Technical Executive, Armament Systems Integration Center, ARDEC

Joint Munitions Command Overview - BG James Rogers, USA, Commander, Joint Munitions Command

ARDEC's LEAN Six-Sigma Program - Mr. Paul Chiodo, Director QESA, ARDEC

Industry Perspective on JM&L LCMC - Mr. Tim Bagniefski, Vice President for Business Development, GD-OTS

Lethality R & D Overview - Ms. Barbara Machak, Associate Director for Systems Concepts and Technology, ARDEC

Towed Artillery Digitization - Mr. Harvey Goldman, Deputy PM, Towed Artillery Digitization

Arming Robotic Systems - Ms. Kim Jones

Scorpion Program - Dr. Peter Plostins, Supervisory Aerospace Engineer, US Army Research Laboratory

Army EM Gun Program - Mr. Harry Fair, Director Institute for Advanced Technology University of Texas

Integrated Technology Transition - Ms. Vickie Williams, NSWC Crane


Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Rapid Fielding for Coalition Forces - Mr. Lu Ting, International Office, US Army ARDEC

Ground Vehicle Systems Modernization - Mr. Kevin Fahey, PEO GCS

Precision Munitions for Close Combat - Mr. Dennis Carroll, Vice President, Business Development, Raytheon

LCAAP Modernization - Ms. Karen Davies, ATK LCAAP

CCS Technology Programs - Mr. Ross Benjamin, PM CCS

CAS Technology Programs - COL Ole Knudsen, USA, PM CAS

Solider Weapons Modernization - COL Carl Lipsit, USA, Project Manager Solider Weapons, PEO Solider