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50th Annual Fuze Conference

"50 Years of Support Freedom"

9 - 11 May 2006

Norfolk, Virginia




Keynote: Mr. Rene Kiebler, Deputy Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems, PEO Ammunition
OSD Perspecctive, Mr. Peter A. Morrison, Staff Specialist OUSD/DDR&E(S&T) Weapons Technology
PEO Ammo Perspective, Mr. Rene Kiebler, Deputy Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems, PEO Ammunition
US Army RDECOM ARDEC Perspective, Dr. Joseph Lannon, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
Navy Overview, Mr. Steve Mitchell, Ordnance Project Area Director, NAVSEA
Air Force S & T Strategy, Mr. Timothy Tobik, Air Force Research Laboratory, Eglin
Air Force Acquisition Strategy, Mr. J. Rick Holder, Sr., Director Fuze Squadron USAF, Eglin
Fuze IPT Perspective, Mr. Lawrence Fan, Fuze and Microsystem Project Manager, NSWC


PGMM, New Application for an Existing Fuze, Mr. Al DeSantis, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
Proximity Sensor for the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS), Mr. Robert P. Hertlein, L3 Communications - KDI Precision Products
Portable Excalibur Fire Control System, Mr Gregory Schneck, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
Enhanced Portable Inductive Artillery Fuze Setter (EPIAFS), Mr. Tom Walker, US Army RDECOM ARDEC Adelphi Fuze Division
The Evolution of the DSU-33 C/B Proximity Sensor, A Success in Customer-Contractor Partnership, Mr. Michael J. Balk, ATK Ordnance Systems
A New Fuze for an Electromagnetic Gun, Mr, Barry Schwartz, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
Introduction of the Multi Option Fuze Artillery (MOFA) DM84 on 120mm Rifled Mortar, Mr. Jochen Wagner, JUNGHANS Feinwerktechnik


Challenges Associated with Development of the Affordable Weapon System Fuzing System, Mr. John Hubert, L-3/KDI Precision Products, Inc.
FMU-139C/B. Electronic Bomb Fuze Design Update, Mr. David Liberatore, ATK
Shipboard Submunition Fuze Safety and Realiability Enhancements, Mr. John Kunstmann, Indian Head Division, NSWC
Thermal Battery Development - Reduced Product Variability Through 6-Sigma, Automation and Material, Mr. Paul F. Schisselbauer and Mr. John Bostwick, ATK
Performance Testing of Lead-Free Stab Detonators, Mr. Neha Mehta, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
TNO Research on EFIís in Relation to Insensitive Munitions, Mr. Wim Prinse, TNO Defence, Security and Safety


Hight-G Mortar Electronic S&A Development and Flight Test, Mr. Cuong Nguyen, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
Safe Separation Study for MK 437 Mult-Option Fuze for Navy (MOFN), Mr. Brian Will, NSWC, Dalhgren
Navy Proximity Fuze Simulation with Embedded Tactical Software, Mr. John Langan, NSWC WD
Inadequacy of Traditional Test Methods for Detection of Non-Hermetic Energetic Components, Mr. Karl Rink, University of Idaho
Weapons Reliability How Modern Warfare has Changed the Requirement, CDR Tom Hole, USN, US Navy PMA-201
MAFIS a Proven Hard Target Fuze, Mr. Laurie Turner, Thales Missile Electronics
Aurora a Proven Hard Target Fuze, Mr. Richard Clutterbuck, Thales Missile Electronics

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