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3rd Annual Disruptive Technology Conference

"Seeking the Capability Befor the Capability is the Surprise"

6-7 September 2006

Washington, DC


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Keynote Address -- Technology Surprise—Why should we worry?
Dr. Ruth David, Chair, Committee on Defense Iintelligence Agency
Technology Forecasts and Reviews, President and CEO, ANSER, Inc.

Panel -- The Warfighter's Perspective

The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Joint Warfighting
MG Michael Vane, USA, Vice Director for Force Structure, Resources & Assessment, Joint Staff, J-8

Panel -- Perspectives of Change: Identifying the Emerging Commercial Disruptive Technologies

Decision & Analysis as a Disruptive Technology
Dr. Desmond Saunders-Newton, BAE Systems, AlphaTech Division

Open Source GeoSpatial Tools and their Future Impact
Mr. Mark Lucas, Board Member OSGeo, RadiantBlue Technologies

Panel -- The Search for Disruptive Technologies - a “Blue Force” Multiplier

Advanced Capability Electric Systems
Mr. Scott Littlefield, PEO Ships Science & Technology Director, Office of Naval Research

Panel -- Disruptive Technology Policy and Focus

The Military Options to the Use of Commercially Available Disruptive Technology
Mr. Mark Johnson, Co-Founder and President, Innosight, LLC

Panel -- Ubiquitous Platform to PlayStation Disruptive Technologies

A Concept of Operations for Armed Autonomous System
Mr. John Canning, Chief Engineer, Advanced Engagement & Autonomous Warfare Systems, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division

Real-Time Spectrum Management for Wireless Networks
Mr. Daniel Stevenson and Dr. Arnold Bragg, RTI International

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