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22st Annual National Test & Evaluation Conference

6 - 9 March 2006

Jacksonville, FL

Final Attendee Roster

Monday, March 6, 2006



Tuesday, March 8, 2006

Modeling, Simulation and Testing: Collision Course or Happy Marriage?

Panel: Non-Technical Obstacles to Technical Obstacles to Effective M&S Connectivity in Effective M&S Connectivity in Support of T&E:

Panel: DT&E's Perspectives - "Making M&S and T&E Better Partners":
Panel Chair:

Panelist (Government Representatives):
Panelist (Industry Representatives):

An LFT&E Perspective on Making M&S and T&E Better Partners

Modeling the FCS Brigade Combat Team in a Stability and Reconstruction Operations Mission - Implications for T&E Planning

T&E Transformation - "We Don't Need a More Formal Invitation"


Wednesday, March 8, 2006

DMSO Panel:

Military Services Perspectives:

M&S Studies in the Context of the T&E and Acquisition:

Live-Virtual-Constructive Distributed Environments in Support of Test and Evaluation

Open Technology Development & Testing

Modeling and Simulation of System of Systems The History of the LPD 17 PRA Testbed


Thursday, March 9, 2006

Using the Missions and Means Framework to Generate Cost-Effective Live-Fire Test and Evaluation Strategies

Modeling and Simulation to Advance Test and Evaluation

Track 1:
T&E / M&S Architecture:

Policy Proposals:

Track 2:
(VVA) "V,V&A" Issues to Make T&E/M&S Work Effectively:

Examples of Attempts to Get Mutual Support Between T&E and M&S

M&S Studies in the Context of the T&E and Acquisition: