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44th Annual Targets, UAVs & Range Operations Symposium & Exhibition
Panama City, FL

Tuesday, 31 October  2006

Keynote Speaker: 
Aerial Targets & Unmanned Aviation by Rear Admiral Timothy L. Heely, USN

Canadian Aerial Targeting Program - Canadian Army UAV Experience by Captain Rob Saunders, Royal Canadian Army

BQM-74 Series:  The Legacy Continues by Mr. John VanBrabant

Directed Energy Test & Evaluation:  Unique Target and Range Requirements by Colonel Thomas Buter, USAF

BroadSword Flight Test Status by Mr. Larry French

U. S. Navy Seaborne Target Overview by Mr. Jeffrey Blume

A High G, MEMS Based, Deeply Integrated, INS/GPS, Guidance, Navigation and Control Flight Management Unit by Mr. Timothy Buck

The Multi-spectral Mobile Ground Target System: A Tri-Service Target Development by Mr. Joshua Messner

Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems by Mr. Robert Wade

The Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) and Its Impact on Systems Engineering Revitalization by Mr. Glen Logan


Wednesday, 1 November  2006

Keynote Speaker:
Challenges of Net-Enabled Weapons
by Mr. Harry Schulte

What's New in Acquisition Reform by Colonel Bill Nelson, USAF

Six Sigma: Process Improvement  by Major Clifford Thorstenson


Educational Opportunities for Industry by Major Clifford Thorstenson


OSD Investments:  Target Oversight & Target Investment Management by Ms. Jessica Wyatt


Hugh Harris Scholarship Update by Mr. Cort Proctor


Military Programs and Requirements:


Overview of U.S. Army, PEO STRI, PM ITTS TMO Activities by Mr. Steve Milburn


U.S. Navy Target U.S. Navy Target Programs by Captain Pat Buckley, USN


Air Force Aerial Targets by Lieutenant Colonel Shaun House, USAF

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